Updates on the Inferno Cup and on Canadian Water World

A home in Calgary this morning
A home in Calgary this morning

Many of our club members are residents of the Calgary, Alberta area. News reports this morning say that nearly 100,000 people in the Calgary area have been evacuated because of extreme flooding of the Bow and the Elbow Rivers. At the moment, none of our members are severely threatened by the flooding. Garry Warner, Chris Balakas, Rick Taylor and Jay Yourk all live far enough from the river to not be under threat. Good news from our Canadian friends.

Evan Carr takes low net
Evan Carr takes low net honors

Back in the land of the dry heat, Wednesday’s turnout for Inferno Cup competition was strong again. The team of Joel Temple, Jim Stamatis, George Stelmach and Dale Fitzhenry edged out Anthony Arvidson, Howard Jones, Pat Collins and Raoul Encinas to take the team game. When the dust had settled, Jim Woods and Mike Wentrup found themselves tied at the top of the chase for the Cup. Here are the complete Cup standings as of June 19th. The match results and skins haul can be found here.

Low Net

  1. Evan Carr – 65
  2. Robert Martz – 66
  3. Howard Jones – 67

Low Gross

  1. Anthony Arvidson – 68
  2. Robert Martz – 75
  3. Joel Temple – 78

Cup play picks up again today with a full field going at it on the Lakes/Dunes course.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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