Global Warming Hits the Field at Gainey

Jim Stamatis 20130504
Jim Stamatis tees off

Admittedly, it was a tad on the warm side. Temperatures exceeded golf scores as the thermometer climbed to 105° Fahrenheit. Apparently it was warm enough to melt golfer’s balls and clubs. Twenty-eight golfers raged war for Inferno Cup points. Most competitors had thoughts early on hoping their teammates were playing better than they were themselves. As it turns out, no one was.

For the first time in memory, not a single golfer bettered his handicap. Scores were dismal. Consider this – the odds of a golfer shooting below his handicap are close to one in five. For two golfers to shoot above handicap, the odds are 0.82 x 0.82. For three to fail to shoot handicap – 0.82 x 0.82 x 0.82, etc. Now, the odds of none of 28 golfers bettering handicap are 0.82 raised to the 28th power. That would be approximately one in two-hundred-sixty.

But it happened yesterday! Jim Stamatis and Evan Carr played at their handicaps, but no one could muster better than a net 69 on a course rate 68.7.

Low Net
1. Jim Stamatis and Evan Carr – 69
3. Scott Thompson – 72
Seven golfers were tied at 73

Low Gross
1. Anthony Arvidson – 72
2. Scott Thompson – 78
3. Dave Inman – 80
Here are the complete results for Wednesday’s match.

The team game was one of the most interesting we’ve had in some time. Tee pairings were such that golfers with similar handicaps were in the same group. One group’s handicaps averaged about three while another group’s averaged more than twenty. However, here’s the catch. The players not only were not paired as teams, they were assured they would not be teammates when the match was over.

The computer put together random teams containing an “A”, “B”, “C” and “D” player after the matches had been completed. While on the course, the only thing the golfers knew was (1) they were playing AGAINST the others in their group and (2) every shot could have an impact on their ultimate team’s success.

As luck would have it, the computer put the top three low net finishers on the same team. Jim Stamatis, Even Carr and Scott Thompson carried their team to the top spot and fifty Inferno Cup points. Mike Wentrup was their fourth. He played respectably, but with the numbers one, two and three finishers leading the way, he probably could have spent the afternoon in the Member’s Grill.

Here are complete match results and skins as well as the gross scores for all the participants. Friday’s match should be just as challenging at temperatures are projected to hit 115°. Golfers are already dropping out which means there should be some real easy Inferno Cup points available to those who show up and survive.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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