When the Going Gets Tough . . .

Bedouin caddySo why is it named the “Inferno Cup”? The question haunted me throughout Friday’s round. As I lined up a 30 foot putt on the 18th hole, I noticed a lovely little pond shimmering between the hole and my ball. Miniature palm trees sat on the pond’s edge casting a shadow over the Bedouin tent hanging limply in the still air. A bearded man wearing a keffiyeh tended the flag stick while his camel stood beside him. “That’s got to be tearing up the green,” I thought. But the way I’d been putting, what’s a couple of camel hoof-prints and a little dromedary dung in my line. It was 116° Fahrenheit. (For you Canadians fighting off your summer time mosquitos, that’s 47° Celsius). Meanwhile… I pondered the significance of “Inferno Cup”.

Kildare on FirePlaying conditions brought the number of participants down to a paltry twelve golfers. I’m pleased to report that all twelve survived, especially after diligently replenishing body fluids in the Member’s Grill following the round. Ring leader Dennis Kildare and Jim Stamatis appeared to be joined at the hip, shoulder and swing. Each finished on the first place team along with George Stelmach. Each finished with a net 65 to tie for low net honors. And each went home with two sun-parched skins in their bag. The complete match results can be seen here.

Kurt Saulnier took low gross honors with a 75. Jim Stamatis and Mike Miller finished second with 77. Here is the complete score report.

One great advantage to playing in the reduced field was that there were Inferno Cup points laying all over the course. My team finished in dead last place and we still picked up twenty cup points each for merely surviving. But it’s a dry heat. There was no change at the top of the Inferno Cup leader board, but the gaps closed significantly. Here are the latest Cup standings.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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