The Race for the Inferno Cup Journies to Whack City

Haboob Hunts Gainey Ranch
Haboob Hunts Gainey Ranch

Following the bizarre round Friday, the standings in the race for the Inferno Cup find the Commissioner, Dennis Kildare himself, on top of the leaderboard with 350 points. On his heals like a carelessly discarded chew of bubble-gum are Dave Inman and Jim Woods with 340 points. Jim Stamatis and Mike Wentrup are lurking at the 300 point mark while Tom Hansen and Steve King are tiptoeing up the list with 290 points.

It’s interesting to note that if all Cup participants had played in the same number of events as has Commission Kildare and had maintained their points per round average, here would be the standings.

1. Nate Sanders – 442 (currently 15th)
2. Jim Stamatis – 433 (currently 6th)
3. Mike Nichols – 408 (currently 10th)
4. Dave Inman – 402 (currently 2nd)
5. Steve King and Bruce Partridge – 390 (5th and 18th respectively)

Our current leader, Dennis Kildare would be in tenth place. More play means better pay.

Our match Wednesday was a spirited affair with the team of Jim Gabriel, Jim Stamatis and Dennis Kildare just edging Tom Hansen, Dave Inman and Jim Woods. Score card errors and rule misinterpretations added some spice to the after-golf exchanges in the Member’s Grill.

To clarify one rule that spawned some controversy, note that the same player may not win both a gross and a net skin on the same hole. Hence, if a player with a stroke birdies a hole and the birdie stands up for a gross skin, he does not win both gross and net skins on the hole even though a gross win with a stroke all but guarantees him low net as well. However, just because a player has won the gross skin on the hole does NOT mean he is removed from the net skin competition on the hole; it simply means he may not collect the money.

In way of example, Player “A” birdies #2 Lakes. Player “A” did not get a stroke. He had a net and a gross birdie. Player “B” pars #2 Lakes and does get a stroke. His gross par obviously doesn’t win or even tie for a gross skin. However, Player “B” argues that after Player “A” won the gross skin with a birdie, his ball shouldn’t count in the determination of the net skins and that Player “B” should receive that skin. Perhaps the rule could be better stated by saying a player may not be “paid” for two skins on the same hole. Regardless, the intent was clear. Player “A”’s ball stays in the mix in determining net skins and therefore may cancel another net birdie even though he won (and was paid for) the gross skin. Winning the gross skin does not take a player’s ball out of the competition; it just means he doesn’t get double-paid.

Nonetheless, Wednesday’s match found nine skins paid. Three skins went to Scott Thompson. One each went to Ken Vlah, Dave Inman, Jim Stamatis, Mike Wentrup, Nate Sanders and Jim Gabriel.

Friday’s match was a wild one punctuated with plenty of excitement. Individual net formats always produce their share of excitement. But just in case there wasn’t enough, we threw in a good old fashioned haboob followed by a rain shower. When the dust storm hit, most golfers made a beeline to the Member’s Grill to wait it out and rinse their dust parched mouths with cleansing elixirs. Nearly an hour later, we were back on the course heading for the finish line. The rain was hard enough to wet us down and cool us off, but not so hard we couldn’t finish the round. It was actually quite refreshing even if it did drive scores up a bit with wet greens.

Tom Hansen came out on top for the day firing a net 67. Howard Jones, coming back from surgery, finished in second place with a 69. Steve King edged out Jim Woods and Ron Dobkin via scorecard playoff for third place at even par 72. Dave Inman garnered two skins. Wentrup, Woods and Dobkin ran with one a piece.

Author: h. Alton Jones


One thought on “The Race for the Inferno Cup Journies to Whack City”

  1. After your explanation and clarification of the “skins” rule, there should never again be a question on the matter (I hope). Thanks.


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