Hansen Blew It!

Kurt Saulnier 20130726
Kurt Saulnier – Gross 67

After Wednesday’s round, Dave Inman was the honorary button man and pulled the trigger on the computer’s team pairing routine. He managed to put himself with players that lifted him into first place. Friday’s button pusher was long time Gainey Ranch member Tom Hansen. He exercised fine form when hitting the button, but the result was not what I was hoping for. After finishing in third place in the net group, Hansen’s button press moved me to close to the bottom of the list. Worse yet, he moved himself even lower on the list and he finished out of the point winners. Future honorary button men must do better.

Enough sour grapes. Who took advantage of our misfortune?

Woodsy! Jim Woods turned in his worst round in nearly a month, but ended up getting paired with Kurt Saulnier. Kurt was absolutely on fire carding a 34-33, 67 to lead the field in all categories. On the par 4 #3 Dunes, Saulnier hit drive and putter for an eagle two. He also eagled the par 5 #9 Dunes. His back nine wasn’t nearly as exciting. He put four birdies together with five pars for his 33. Saulnier ended up in first place in the Inferno Cup match, first place in the day-game, first place in the gross category, first place in the net category and he went home with two skins for his trouble.

Net Leaders

  1. Kurt Saulnier – 66
  2. Mike Nichols – 68
  3. Howard Jones – 69

Gross Leaders

  1. Kurt Saulnier – 67
  2. Bryan Noonan – 73
  3. Mike Nichols – 77

Dave Inman remains on top of the Inferno Cup leader board with 390 points. Jim Woods’ great performance (or was it Hansen’s great performance?) vaulted him past Dennis Kildare into second place ten back of Inman. Dennis Kildare and Jim Stamatis are tied with 360 points each.

Friday’s skins winners were Kurt Saulnier (2), Scott Thompson (2), Bryan Noonan, Mike Nichols and Jim Stamatis. And for those keeping track, yes, Howard Jones added to his birdie totals and still hasn’t earned a single skin. That’s 15 birdies without a skin. Where’s the complaint department?

Author: h. Alton Jones


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