Inman Climbs, Partridge Tanks, Jones Still Skinless

Partridge at the VFW
Partridge at the VFW

This week’s Inferno Cup battles were intense. Dave Inman continued to amass Cup points with a second place finish on Wednesday and another first place finish Friday. He even finished in second place Friday as the blind draw for the Hansen, King, Molever team. It’s looking like the only way to stop Inman is to make some “club adjustments” on his behalf when he’s not looking. There’s some income potential for cart king Dave Yarns. We’ll talk.

Bruce Partridge continues his meteoric descent toward the bottom of the list. On June 14th he sat comfortably in second place in the Cup standings. He has now worked his way into 24th place. Some say that’s because he’s not here, but that dog don’t hunt. I’ve played golf with him many times when he wasn’t here. In the meantime, he’s snuggled up to the bar in the Newport Beach VFW wearing gold epaulets on a tee shirt and telling stories about how he fought bravely at the Battle of the Bulge and the Battle of Verdun. It’s now clear that his only hope for a strong finish is to butter up the programmer. Hmmm, another income opportunity for someone.

Wednesday’s Cup match was won by the team of Dan Hourihan, Scott Thompson, Jim Gabriel and Mike Forde. Inman, Gary Graham, Jim Stamatis and Nate Sanders finished second. Skins were split between Mike Miller, Gary Graham, Harold Hoeg, Dave Inman, Joel Temple, Jim Gabriel, Jim Stamatis, Ron Dobkin and Steve King.

Friday found Dave Inman, Gary Graham, Ken Vlah and Dan Hourihan in the top spot. That’s back-to-back wins for Hourihan. He moved from 22nd place to 13th place in one week. It sounds like another club adjustment may be in order. Friday’s second place team consisted of Tom Hansen, Steve King, Loren Molever and their blind draw, Inman. Steve King, Pat Sheehan, Mike Forde, Phil Graham and Raoul Encinas captured a skin apiece while Jim Stamatis left the building with two.

Low Gross – Wednesday

  1. Dave Inman – 73
  2. Harold Hoeg – 76
  3. Joel Temple – 78

Low Gross – Friday

  1. Mike Miller and Kurt Saulnier – 78
  2. Gary Graham, Steve King and Dave Inman – 79

Low Net – Wednesday

  1. Dave Inman – 65
  2. Dan Hourihan – 67
  3. Harold Hoeg – 68

Low Net – Friday

  1. Gary Graham – 65
  2. Steve King and Kin Vlah – 66

We’ve passed the half-way point to the Inferno Cup  and Dave Inman sits atop the pile with 430 points. Jim Stamatis hangs on to second place with 400 points and the Commish, Dennis Kildare is tied with Jim Woods in third place with 380 points. Full standings are here.

Author: h. Alton Jones


One thought on “Inman Climbs, Partridge Tanks, Jones Still Skinless”

  1. I don’t know why you guys are surprised at the rise and rise of young Inman. Dave’s swing, honed in baseball batting cages for a couple of decades, and now free from the aftereffects of night-time jaunts, thrives in the desert heat. And his 80deg wedge is lethal. Nobody will challenge him for the Inferno.
    Did you see my photo with Prince George? HM asked me to the Christening, but I’m due to play Royal Troon that day. They’ll just have struggle on without me. Missing all my Scottsdale friends (and B Partridge).
    See you last week of September.


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