A Tangle at the Top

Low Gross Winner Mike Nichols
Low Gross Winner Mike Nichols

Jim Stamatis won a tough match Wednesday against nearly two dozen competitors. In doing so, he climbed into a virtual tie with Dave Inman atop the Inferno Cup Leader Board with 430 points. Inman finished Wednesday’s round – a Modified Stableford format – in 18th place despite shooting a gross 78 on the Lakes/Dunes course combo. Dennis Kildare and Tom Hansen remained in a tie for third place after finishing 8th and 19th respectively in yesterday’s competition.

Six skins were divided up with two going to Jim Gabriel and one each being pocketed by Phil Graham, Bruce Partridge, Jim Stamatis and (will miracles never cease?) Howard Jones.

Mike Nichols watched as putt after putt hit the hole and came back out or stopped  an inch short, yet he still captured low gross with a 76. Chey Castro was right on his heels with a 77. The longest putt Nichols did make was about a 25 footer to cancel a nascent skin that had just been holed by his playing partner, Howard Jones. Jones’ other skin possibility held up when Nichols stroked his putt from off the 15th green and watched as it hit the pin squarely and bounced out of the hole with the shadow of the ball squarely in the bottom of the cup.

Low Gross

  1. Mike Nichols – 76
  2. Chey Castro – 77
  3. Jim Stamatis and Dave Inman – 78

Low Net

  1. Jim Gabriel and Jim Stamatis – 67
  2. Steve King and Mike Nichols – 68

The average score on the day was 86.3 with 76 on the low end and 105 on the other side. The owner of the 105 will remain a secret in exchange for a favor to be named later.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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