Wednesday, August 14th – If Only . . .

Joel Temple
Joel Temple

If Mike Forde, Tom Hansen or Dan Hourihan would have parred #9 Arroyo, they (along with their teammate Dave Inman) would have carried the day and won first place in Wednesday’s match.  However, with double-bogeys on the finishing hole, they moved from first place into next to last. That’s how close the match was. One stroke separated the first four teams. Three teams tied at the top with scores of 126. After the magic of the scorecard playoff was performed, Raoul Encinas, Scott Hull, Mike Wentrup and the as of late unstoppable force, Mike Nichols walked away with first place. Another scorecard playoff put Joel Temple, Mike Miller, Nate Sanders and new member, Jeremy Davis into second place. Even though they tied for the day’s best score, Bruce Partridge, Dennis Kildare, George Stelmach and Chey Castro went home empty handed. Jim Stamatis, Gary Graham, Pat Collins and Evan Carr also played in the match, but apparently forgot to bring their clubs. With one stroke separating the first four teams, they finished eleven shots back.

In the gross score department, Mike Nichols was kind enough to let someone else take first place Wednesday. Joel Temple took that honor with a 74. Nichols was one stroke back. Temple and Nichols also finished one-two in the net category.

Low Gross

  1. Joel Temple – 74
  2. Mike Nichols – 75
  3. Chey Castro – 77

Low Net

  1. Joel Temple – 65
  2. Mike Nichols and Tom Hansen – 67

Skins were plentiful with Castro, Forde, Gary Graham, Nichols and Temple grabbing one each. Mike Wentrup and Dan Hourihan each left the building with two skins.

The race for the Inferno Cup heated up even more, but Dave Inman and Jim Stamatis remain tied at the top. Kildare, Hansen, Woods and Wentrup hold on to the last four money spots.

Howard Jones, Ed Nafus, Sandy Wiener and Dick Scott
Howard Jones, Ed Nafus, Sandy Wiener and Dick Scott

Four other Gainey Ranch members duked it out a mile and a half high. Sandy Wiener was nice enough to contribute thirty dollars to Howard Jones while Dick Scott filched Jones, Wiener and Ed Nafus for a sawbuck each. They played in an oxygen starved world at Sonnenalp Country Club in Vail, Colorado amidst thunder, lightning and cold rain on greens that ran so fast balls outran their shadows. Jones three putted nine greens – one from three feet. Maybe we should be grateful for greens at Gainey that have a 6.5 stimp. At least you can find your ball and don’t have to worry about putts going out-of-bounds.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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