Bad Karma Plague Afflicts the Field

Hourihan smiling for a reason
Hourihan smiling for a reason

Ah, the glory of battles past still warms my heart. Yesterday’s victories leave their sweet after-taste on my palate. Grasp the fading images of past splendor and squeeze them into eternal memory. But today sucked.

I have no idea what happened, but most of the golfers chasing the Inferno Cup appear to have played without removing the club covers from their sticks. We go from a Wednesday where those who were in school when Truman was President shot net 58’s to a day where one and only one golfer even breaks net 70! You don’t suppose nature does actually have a sense of justice?

Dan Hourihan was the only competitor Friday who broke 70, shooting a net 64 on a gross 79. It was like he was playing alone. Harold Hoeg, Dennis Kildare, Dave Inman and Mike Nichols all lagged six strokes back in second place.

Low Gross

  1. Dave Inman – 76
  2. Mike Nichols – 77
  3. Harold Hoeg – 78

Low Net

  1. Dan Hourihan – 64
  2. Harold Hoeg, Dave Inman, Dennis Kildare and Mike Nichols – 70

Lots of skins were claimed, two by Hourihan, two by Bruce Partridge and one each by Howard Jones, Dennis Kildare, Skyler Irvine, Dave Inman and Mike Nichols.

It comes as no surprise that in the two-man team event, the winners would be Dan Hourihan and whoever was lucky enough to get paired with him. That prize went to Gary Graham even though he turned in one of his poorer rounds. He was delighted to learn how broad Hourihan’s shoulders had become. Dennis Kildare and Gary Anzalone took second place edging out Tom Hansen and Bruce Partridge in a scorecard playoff.

In the race for the Inferno Cup, the top four positions remained unchanged. Kildare jumped from sixth into fifth passing Jim Gabriel who is now hanging on to the last “money position”. Nichols has the cross-hairs on Gabriel who has only a ten point cushion.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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