T Minus 5 – Wednesday, September 11th

Jones in 1983. That's Prescott Lakes' current pro, John Gunby behind him.
Jones in 1983. That’s Prescott Lakes’ current pro, John Gunby behind him.

From a statistical perspective, the Modified Stableford format (with negatives) is one of the fairest and most equitable formats in handicap golf. Take away the negatives and the statistical balance leans toward the high handicappers. As it is, the format rewards good play and punishes bad play. With fairness assured, naturally Howard Jones and Bruce Partridge took home first place in Wednesday’s match. They topped the field with twenty points. Mike Nichols and George Stelmach were four points back and Gary Anzalone and Loren Molever landed the third spot.

With these match results, it tightened at the top of the Inferno Cup standings. Mike Nichols moved into a tie with Dennis Kildare for third place (440 points) well within striking distance of the leader Jim Stamatis (460 points). Jim Woods remains right on Stamatis’ heels in second place with 450 points. A total of eleven golfers have 400 or more points and there are five matches remaining to play. Katie, bar the door.

Partridge grins
“I won because I had a great partner!”

Low Net

  1. Gary Anzalone – 69
  2. Howard Jones, Mike Nichols and Jim Stamatis – 70

Low Gross

  1. Gary Anzalone and Mike Nichols – 76
  2. Howard Jones – SWAGR

There were only five paid out so the skins were lucrative. Jones grabbed a pair with birdies on #4 Arroyo and #3 Lakes. Anzalone won one with a birdie on #5 Arroyo. Nichols took one after a birdie on #3 Arroyo and Dan Hourihan ran with the last one with a birdie on #6 Lakes.

Following the rains, the course is greening up and starting to look very good. There was enough rain on Monday to get the arroyos flowing like rivers. Here’s a shot of #7 Arroyo. Wear your mukluks.

Arroyo #7 after the rains
Arroyo #7 after the rains

Author: h. Alton Jones


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