Wentrup’s Best Shot was in the Member’s Grill

Mike Wentrup captures the prize
Mike Wentrup captures the prize

The top six names on the Inferno Cup leader list remain the same, albeit, slightly rearranged. With now only four matches to go, Jim Stamatis clings to a ten point lead while nine others remain within sixty points.

In the team match on Friday the 13th, Mike Wentrup showed great skill in finding a blind draw and ended up in first place as a result. Mike Miller’s scorecard lined up like the key to the vault and Wentrup beat the combo of Dave Inman and Tom Hansen by two strokes. Mike Miller and Bruce Partridge took third place by edging out George Stelmach and Sandy Wiener on a scorecard playoff. Partridge’s net birdie on 18 proved to be good enough to win the hole.

Low Gross

  1. Anthony Arvidson – 70
  2. Dave Inman – 77
  3. Mike Miller – 78

Low Net

  1. George Stelmach – 65
  2. Mike Miller – 70
  3. Dave Inman, Tom Hansen and Scott Hull -71

Skins money was split seven ways with one each going to George Stelmach, Mike Miller, Sandy Wiener, Tom Swan, Anthony Arvidson, Tom Hansen and Dan Hourihan. The course played tough (for everyone but Stelmach).

The Commissioner, Dennis Kildare, is expected back after a week of lobster eating in Maine and will shepherd the group to the finish line. It promises to be a competitive ride all the way to the end.

Author: h. Alton Jones


2 thoughts on “Wentrup’s Best Shot was in the Member’s Grill”

  1. The Inferno Cup adventures have kept me laughing all summer!
    I’m back at Gainey on 22nd September, so looking forward to the exciting final stages (and playing with – and paying – my friends!)


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