Cue the Music – Crescendo Please!

Jim Gabriel - His fate will be determined Friday the 27th
Jim Gabriel – His fate will be determined Friday the 27th

The 34th Inferno Cup match was quite the performance, not unlike an old Charlie Chaplin movie. When the match began, a dozen players were in the hunt for the six money positions. When the day ended, only seven remained. Friday’s match is the culmination of a lot of divots, lost balls, lucky breaks and some not so lucky breaks.

The Wednesday match mathematically eliminated Tom Hansen, George Stelmach, Mike Wentrup, Steve King and in an outrageous act of fate, Howard Jones. With only the Lakes nine open for play, the teams had to loop the nine twice to finish the round. The team of Tom Hansen, Joel Temple and Howard Jones, all fast players, went off first. They played the front nine so quickly, they actually looped around and came upon themselves. They played through their own team, but were then held up by a twosome from Nashville who were fiddling around behind one of our slower groups. When the last cart pulled up to the Yarns barn, Dennis Kildare, Bruce Partridge and Scott Thompson had captured first place. That moved Kildare into a tie for first position in the Cup standings. It also secured Partridge’s position in the money list. Seven skins were paid on the day, one each to Scott Thompson, Phil Graham, Mike Nichols, Sandy Wiener, Mike Miller, Ron Dobkin and Bruce Partridge.

Low Gross

  1. Dave Inman – 71
  2. Joel Temple – 77
  3. Scott Thompson – 78

Low Net

  1. Jim Woods – 63
  2. Dave Inman – 65
  3. Sandy Wiener – 67

In Friday’s contest, the possibilities are limited, but very interesting. Mike Nichols currently sits in seventh place, ten points out of the money. With a win tomorrow, Nichols will split the money for a five way tie for third place. If Kildare or Stamatis wins, it means sole possession of the first place prize. Second place goes to the other while Inman, Woods, Partridge and Gabriel split third place. If Inman, Woods or Partridge win tomorrow, he moves into a three way tie for first place. The most interesting possibility involves Jim Gabriel. If he doesn’t win, he splits the last money position with three or four other golfers. However, he is the only player in contention that can still capture twenty points with a victory. If he pulls off a win, he leapfrogs the entire field and takes outright possession of first place with 470 Inferno Cup points. All eyes (and ears) will be on Gabriel. For him, the match will be worth about a thousand dollars.

Author: h. Alton Jones


3 thoughts on “Cue the Music – Crescendo Please!”

  1. Why is there never a comment about head to head match results (insults)?? Seems important to me as I gain weight from Ruth’s Chris Steak House…


  2. Mr. Wiener: I generally refrain from such comments to avoid embarrassment to those who are throttled and humbled by me in such matches. It is true that as a result of injuries and illness and your most fortuitous circumstance this past week that you put me in a temporary position of negative cash flow. However, out of a sense of decency, I will not talk about next week’s matches where I will dramatically reverse that flow. I’m going to whip you like an ugly stepchild. Enjoy the steaks now, but stash some peanut butter and jelly for the near future. Your good fortune shall be little more than a wispy memory by this time next week.


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