Mega-Skins Game Marks the End of the 2013 Inferno Cup

Ron Dobkin after the harvest
Ron Dobkin after the harvest

Wednesday, October 2nd was a day of celebration as the 2013 Inferno Cup competition came to a close. The only match on the day was the skins game. Nine were awarded, each being worth more than one hundred dollars. Jim Gabriel took a pair of them while Dave Inman, Mike Miller, Ron Dobkin, Dan Hourihan, Jim Stamatis, Jim Woods and Nate Sanders escaped with one each. Again, fate was my enemy as a pair of birdies went unrequited. However, Mike Nichols and Joel Temple suffered a fate far worse. They turned on each other to crush their hopes. Nichols ran in a 70+ foot putt on nine Lakes for an eagle. His celebration lasted all the way to the edge of the green when he discovered Joel Temple had also eagled the hole. It’s a tough day in Golfville when natural eagles yield a hand full of empty. Nichols turned in a gross 71, Temple a 77. They both left without a penny in hand. Sometimes life just ain’t right!

Here are the complete scores on the day.

Following the round, players and guests partied at a warm and wonderful awards presentation. Golf Pro Matt Anzalone hosted the group with a generous contribution of food, drink and prizes. You can see pictures of both golf and celebration by clicking here.

When the Commissioner, Dennis Kildare, starting putting together ideas to create the Inferno Cup, we thought it sounded like fun. We had no idea how successful it would become. It was a great event and we’re looking forward to next year’s chase for the Cup.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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