2013-2014 Season is Underway

We’re underway. The first full-fledged Men’s Day of the new season began with a flourish. Faces absent all summer wandered the fairways in search of birdies, but as the scores show, not many were found. Scores averaged 90 on the Dunes/Arroyo course combination. Being restricted to the cart paths as the winter grass continued to mature, competitors were forced to play a little slower than normal and to take a few extra swings. The arroyos were particularly punishing with dense grass so high and thick that a golfer height restriction had to be put in place before he could search for an errant tee shot. A lost ball is one thing, but a lost golfer is quite another.

When the dust had settled and all the survivors hadNichols reported to the Member’s Grill, the team of Jerry Whalen, Phil Graham, Gary Mattox and Jim Maxwell stood atop the field. Second place went to Ed Nafus, Alex Currie, Gary Reibman and Doug Lammle. Mike Nichols, Ron Dobkin, Brian Laks and Scott Hull hung on to third place.

Skins were abundant with nine gross split between Tom Hansen, Howard Jones, Gary Graham, Bobby Romero (2), Sandy Wiener, Ed Nafus, and Jim Meissner. Seven net skins were divided between George LaHood, Hansen, Jones, Romero, Gary Mattox, Nafus and Meissner.

In the Kildare group, Mike Nichols laid claim to the name Mr. Boring. All he did was shoot par, par, par, par, par . . . ad nauseum. He finally cracked and carded a bogey after 13 holes. He carded a gross 74 without a single birdie. Nichols claimed low net and low gross with his performance.

Low GrossChef Jeff

  1. Mike Nichols – 74
  2. Joel Temple – 81
  3. Scott Thompson – 82

Low Net

  1. Mike Nichols – 68
  2. Howard Jones -69
  3. Tom Hansen and Brian Laks – 71

With the winter crowd arriving, the club is hopping. The activity levels are on the rise. One of the great advantages to being a member of Gainey Ranch is having a super-chef Jeff. Last week, he conducted his first demonstration cooking class of the season and put on a great show. There’re more to come. Check your club calendars.Chef Jeff crowd

Author: h. Alton Jones


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