October 30th – Men’s Day #2

John Herold
John Herold

Fifty-nine competitors fought the Dunes/Arroyo course combo Wednesday and fifty-eight of them were defeated. Long grass and cart-path only rules turned Gainey Ranch G.C. into a marathon of suffering for most golfers. The ninth hole on the Dunes course brought golfers to their knees with arroyo grass that could hide hyenas and a soft turf in the funnel before the green that  could swallow a mastodon. The field averaged midway between bogey and double-bogey on that hole. Out of the 59 competitors, fewer than ten scored par or better. It was torture.

Fifty-eight players failed to better their handicaps. One, Bruce Partridge, beat his handicap by five strokes and ran away with the low net honors.

Low Net

  1. Bruce Partridge – 63
  2. Joel Temple – 68
  3. Jay Yourk and John Herold – 69

Low Gross

  1. John Herold – 74
  2. Garry Warner and Dave Inman – 76
Bruce Partridge - low net
Bruce Partridge – low net

In the “Silver Lining” department, the good news is that almost everyone’s handicap’s heading upward. The tougher the course plays, the higher our scores. The higher our scores, the higher our handicaps. The higher our handicaps, the better our handicaps “travel” to other courses. Time to start thinking about being the guest in someone’s Member/Guest tournament. Do it quickly before the course starts playing easy again.

Here are the final Men’s Day results for October 30th.

  1. Doug Dewar and Bill McGavock – 59
  2. Scott Thompson and Bruce Partridge – 59
  3. Mike Hickey and our old friend, Blind Draw – 62
  4. Jay Yourk and Blind Draw’s twin brother – 62
  5. Jim Stamatis and Ken Vlah – 63
  6. Mike Matz and Doug Lammle – 64

Author: h. Alton Jones


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