All Hail the High Scores

Mike Sheehan captures high gross and high net!
Mike Sheehan captures high gross and high net!

Another day in the golfer grinder. For the first time in weeks, the Lakes course opened for play. It was apparently hungry for victims because it ate a lot of the Kildare group’s golfers, chewed them up and spit them out. Don Fruchtman, Laurence Rosen, Vinny Sollitto and George Stelmach came out on top in the team game with Tom Hansen, Mike Hickey, Scott Hull and Sandy Wiener finishing second, two strokes back. Skins were paid handsomely with only four winners. George Stelmach, Laurence Rosen, Pat Collins and Mike Sheehan each walked with a nickel shy of a hundred dollar bill for their birdie efforts.

Low Gross

1. Dave Inman and Mike Nichols – 77

3. Vinny Sollitto and Mike Miller – 81

Low Net

  1. Howard Garr – 68
  2. Vinny Sollitto – 69
  3. Laurence Rose, Jim Stamatis and George Stelmach – 70

There are the winners. But frankly, I think it’s high time we recognized the losers. Consider this… The outstanding team of Dave Inman, Mike Sheehan, Ron Dobkin and Howard Jones took the concept of handicap to a higher level and fired a fine round of 150, a mere twelve strokes out of the lead and only six behind next to last place. It could have been worse.

If we would have paired Bruce Partridge, Howard Jones, Jim Woods and Mike Sheehan together, they would have combined for a memorable round of 180, a full thirty strokes higher than the actual losers. Sure, that proves the losers were still pretty good. If we would have played only three balls on #9 and #18, the losers would have finished only eleven strokes back. If we would have played “Orange Ball”, the losers would have finished fifteen strokes back. There you have it; things could have been worse. In the “could have been much worse” department, consider the results of a round robin one dollar Nassau where each player had a dollar Nassau with each and every other player in the field. The losing team would have had to fork over $73 to the field and had it not been for the play of Dave Inman, they would have lost $113! So with a $25 per player entry and a $95 skin for Sheehan, the losers collectively only lost five bucks – an immense victory. All hail the losers.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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