Handicap Committee News

Jerry Whalen
Jerry Whalen

A tip of the hat to Jerry Whalen. After many years of service as the Chairman of the Gainey Ranch Handicap Committee, Jerry has elected to step down. He’ll stay on the Committee as an emeritus member. “Emeritus” comes from the Latin and means “wants to play more golf and work less”.

The Handicap Committee is mandated by the United States Golf Association and is a requirement to maintain the license with the Men’s Golf Association and the Women’s Golf Association. Without that license, we would not be allowed to use any of the USGA trademarks and systems including course ratings and the actual Handicap System itself. In other words, without the Committee, you wouldn’t be allowed to have a handicap index. Neither would you be permitted to play in any USGA sanctioned events anywhere the USGA has jurisdiction.

The Committee has a number of responsibilities, some of which include (1) taking the steps necessary to educate the membership as to the handicap rules, posting requirements, equitable stroke control, etc., (2) monitoring the membership to make certain all rounds played are properly posted and that all rounds not played are not posted, (3) encouraging the club and its golf associations to use the proper handicap rules in tournaments and golf events and (4) making handicap adjustments to individual golfers when their actions or non-actions warrant them.

The Handicap Committee is currently composed of the following club members and employees: Howard Jones (Chairman), Diane Coolidge (President WGA), Dave Inman (President MGA), Jerry Whalen (emeritus member) and Matt Anzalone (Head Golf Professional). In an effort to be more open and inclusive, to develop and assure continuity, to spread the work load and increase membership’s awareness of the handicap system and rules, the Committee will be adding two additional “at large” members to the committee. We’re seeking people who are fair, objective and willing to gain an in-depth understanding of the USGA Handicap System. The positions are not “honorary”; they will involve time and effort. If you feel you are a qualified candidate for the job and are willing to serve, please submit your name to one of the members of the committee prior to November 21st.

Author: h. Alton Jones


One thought on “Handicap Committee News”

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