Wentrup Stays Perfect in the Holiday Classic

After the second major tournament of the season, Mike Wentrup remains at the top of the Gainey Cup standings with another first place finish. Wentrup paired up with Bruce Partridge to edge the team of Mike Low and Jeff Smith by three quarters of a stroke. I had the joy of playing in a foursome with Wentrup and Partridge and noted that Mike was pretty steady, but Partridge made some shots that not even a player that had some ability could make. Partridge made flop-shots over traps from thirty yards that stopped within a foot of the hole, while my team simply flopped. The only dark shadow over the winning team’s round came on the #4 hole of the Lakes course. Mike Wentrup hit his tee shot to within 18 inches of the hole. When he arrived at the green, his hopes of winning “closest to the pin” prize vaporized. Marshall Block’s ball had come to rest within about 4 inches of the hole. Both golfers were smart enough to get within tap-in range for birdie and even smarter to keep it out of the hole to avoid a massive bar bill.

See photos from the 2013 Holiday Classic.

Here are the top twenty finishers in this year’s Holiday Classic

  1. Mike Wentrup and Bruce Partridge – 57.25
  2. Mike Low and Jeff Smith – 58
  3. Mike Steele and Ron Dobkin – 58.5
  4. Mike Nichols and Tom Hansen – 58.75
  5. Kurt Saulnier and Evan Carr – 59.25
  6. Matt Bintzler and Greg Nelson – 59.5
  7. Greg Luce and Andy Siegel – 60
  8. Steve Bartha and Ted Akiba – 60.5
  9. Joel Temple and George Stelmach – 61
  10. Mike Miller and Marty Howe – 61.25
  11. Russell Brown and Rickie Currens – 61.25
  12. Tom Swan and Barry Talley – 61.5
  13. Sandy Wiener and Brian Laks – 61.75
  14. Bryan Noonan and Phil Graham – 62.25
  15. Marshall Block and Buddy Stein – 62.25
  16. Harold Hoeg and Raoul Encinas – 62.5
  17. Don Coolidge and Gary Anzalone – 63
  18. Bruce Miller and Dick Lockwood – 63.75
  19. Bob Martz and Robert Martz – 63.75
  20. Mark Ramser and Bruce Plankinton – 64

There are signs of a conspiracy and possible foul play. Look at the list. Do you see it? Here are the facts.

  1. There were a total of 82 players in the field and only 6 of those players were named “Mike”.
  2. Of those 6 players named “Mike”, 5 of them finished in the top ten.
  3. No player named “Mike” finished in the bottom half of the field.
  4. A guy named “Mike” finished in first place, second place, third place and fourth place.
  5. If you were at Chef Jeff’s Holiday Gala dinner Thursday night, you noticed  the Master of Ceremonies, i.e., the guy with the mike, was [cue the music] named “Mike”! Mike Miller finished 10th.

I think it’s pretty obvious something is amiss. What are the odds? I think this should be referred to the Handicap Committee. OH NO!!! The Committee’s newest member is “Mike” Nichols.

Looking for a partner for the next tournament? Grab a Mike.

2013 Holiday Classic Results

Author: h. Alton Jones


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