Gainey Golfers Slaughtered in Mexico

Mike Nichols deals with a little adversity
Mike Nichols deals with a little adversity

With Christmas and New Year’s Day falling on successive Wednesdays, the normal Men’s Day events have not been normal. They haven’t existed. That certainly doesn’t mean the clubs have been collecting dust. The usual Monday and Friday groups have been engaged in battle. Some of the boys have taken the opportunity to ply their skills at other courses.

Mike Nichols, Loren Molever and your’s truly had been watching the Phoenix newspapers and noticed the incidence of shootings, murders and other violent crimes in the valley and decided to retreat to safer grounds. They traveled to Puerto Peňasco, Mexico to take on The Links at Las Palomas and the Jack Nicklaus designed Penísula course at the Mayan Palace. Like Cortez before them, they came to conquer Mexico. When the sand had settled, the score was Mexico three, gringo golfers zero. Not since

I'm guessing Jones didn't birdie this hole.
I’m guessing Jones didn’t birdie this hole.

Pancho Villa rode the area a hundred years previous has there been such a brutal slaughter. The boys swore an oath of secrecy so you won’t see their scores here (but they did post). Maybe the pictures will give you a clue.

Both courses were in great shape and offered all the golfers could handle in the way of challenge. The accommodations were outstanding. Our Mexican hosts were delightful and welcoming. Food was super. And although we were beaten without mercy on the links, we may launch another attack in the future.

Loren Molever waves goodbye to another golf ball.
Loren Molever waves goodbye to another golf ball.

Incidentally, speaking of challenging golf . . . the brouhaha surrounding the issue of arroyo grass length lives on. One member insists that if the other members are polled, they will overwhelmingly support cutting the arroyo grass tighter. Some of us disagree. But to settle the matter, there’s a new survey on the site. Go to the poll on the right side of the home screen and cast your vote. Cut the grass or let it go. It’s basically the same as saying never win a tournament at Gainey Ranch for the rest of your natural life or give yourself a fighting chance. Cast your vote.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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