And Then There Were Ten

Ron Dobkin after the harvest
Ron Dobkin after the harvest

Wednesday marked the tenth Men’s Day of the season and surprises were in short supply. The course played a little tougher than normal with the average score for the 82 participants creeping up to nearly 91 strokes. There were some wild swings in player’s scores. Bob Falls added a full eight strokes to his front nine score when he played the back side. Howard Jones took twelve strokes off his front side score. Clearly he was good on the front. At one point he tried to hit a ball into a lake and missed it (the lake, not the ball). There were forty birdies on the day, but over a thousand bogeys or worse. In the search for causation, I believe I have it narrowed down to global climate change or bad plumbing in the Men’s Locker Room.

Low Gross winners were heaped in the upper seventies. Low net winners were good enough to raise an eyebrow or two. Fifteen participants shot their handicaps. Statistically, that’s pretty close to what you’d expect.  Thirty-one golfers shot four or more strokes above their handicaps. Fortunately, we have “equitable stroke control”. It could have been worse.

Low Gross

  1. Mike Nichols, Steve King, Gary Mattox and Robert Martz – 78

Low Net

  1. Ron Dobkin – 64
  2. Steve King – 65
  3. Gary Mattox, George LaHood and Dale Fitzhenry – 66

The team play was very competitive, at least for second place. The Steve King/Vinny Sollitto/Ken Vlah/Ed Nafus team won a scorecard playoff defeating the teams of George LaHood/Dick Loeb/Dave McKelvey/Mike Sheehan and Gary Anzalone/Pat Collins/Ron Dobkin/Jim Mantle.

Apparently, one team played a different course or used different balls or different tees or a different pencil. Possibly, the team members were just plain different. Joel Temple, Sandy Wiener, Scott Hull and Bruce “Lucky” Partridge ran away from the field. They edged out the second place team by a mere nine strokes – one on every other hole. Their net scores were good, but not that good (67, 68, 71 and 73). The stars must have just been aligned well.

After ten weeks of Men’s Day, the Money List has eighty-five names with winnings beside them. Is your name near the top? Eight of the eighty-five have averaged more than $30 per event. Seven more than $40 per event. For most of us, our average winnings might purchase a golf ball. If only I wasn’t losing two per round I’d be in good shape.

Author: h. Alton Jones


3 thoughts on “And Then There Were Ten”

  1. Handicap Committee alert. Mike Nichols has been shooting in the gross seventies have around three holes with double bogeys. Not bad. Howard, check him out. The probabilities of this happening have to be very high !! Good shooting Mike. I want you as my partner when I get back to golfing.



    1. Sir:
      I have reviewed your suggestion. As the Chairman of the Handicap Committee, I must assume it has merit. In keeping with our newly defined standards, I will refer it to a Handicap Committee member for review. The case has been assigned to Mr. Mike Nichols. I will advise you as to his findings.

      Best regards.


      1. Gentlemen,
        After careful review, it turns out even members with single digit HDCPS can and due in fact hit poor shots. Might be the reason we watch the PGA from our couch, and don’t get paid for this. Thanks for your inquiry, we will continue to act on any questions raised from the membership.

        Best Regards.


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