2014 Winter Classic – That’s a Wrap

Winter Classic (6 of 237)There was a huge turnout for the Winter Classic. When ninety-four players had turned in their cards, the team of Robert Martz and Robert Martz emerged victorious. They were tied by the team of Jim Mantle and Lynton Kotzin, but won the tie-breaker. With a host of new members participating for the first time, we saw some great golf played on the Arroyo/Lakes course combination.

I’ll have a full analysis of the results once I’ve had time to process the scorecards. It’s clear already that with faster greens and hungrier Canadian Geese helping balls slide into the Winter Classic (8 of 237)water, the winning scores were not as good as last year’s, but that didn’t get in the way of having a great tournament.

Some outstanding tournament pictures have been posted for your to review. Enjoy!

Mike Wentrup remains on top of the Gainey Cup Leaderboard, but the field is closing in.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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