A Tidbit from the Handicap Committee

Mouse in trapHere’s an interesting little tidbit. A look at the last roughly thousand or so rounds of competitive golf at Gainey Ranch reveals an amazing coincidence.

When four-man teams play, the average gross score has been 86.3. When two-man teams play, the average gross score has been 87.9.

What conclusions can we draw from this statistically anomalous fact? Choose your favorite.

  • Better golfers prefer four-man teams.
  • Lousy golfers prefer two-man teams.
  • Some golfers score better when they don’t have another team watching them.
  • Group hugs amongst four-man teams produce a better golf swing.
  • While the cat’s away, the mouse bumps his cheese, but only if it’s in a divot.

Over a stroke and a half difference in the averages! Go figure.

Might be a good idea to reduce the number of four-man team events and have more two-man team events (or ban group hugs).

Author: h. Alton Jones


5 thoughts on “A Tidbit from the Handicap Committee”

  1. In a 4 man team, those out of the hole pick up (as instructed to increase pace of play) & just might be taking a lower score than they would have if they putted out. The exception are those few who subccribe to the theory of, “Never make a putt you don’t need.”


    1. Good points. Note however that the USGA has a prescribed way to score the ball of those who “pick-up”. And it’s not “give me the max” and it’s not “give me a three because Joe got a two.” It’s write down the “most probable score”. If the guys on the green twelve feet from the hole laying three, a two putt is most probable. The score keep is obligated (per the rules) to score him a five rather than the max.


  2. Most golfers are honest. But if there weren’t a few people that were “ethically challenged”, our good friend Judge David Harbour would have been out of business years ago.

    In fact, you’ve been beating me so badly lately, I’m looking for a good justification for being dishonest. Can anyone help me with one?


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