New Blood at the Top of the Men’s Day Winner’s List

Greg LuceUnfortunately, it was mine. I shot a fine net 78 and didn’t win. Go figure. And with that disastrous display of non-ability, I couldn’t even claim last place; Nick De Santis and Rick Robinson edged me out of that honor by six big strokes.

On the “this is a stick-up” end of the spectrum, the “Katchen-Luce” gang held up the field by turning in a pair of 63s, six strokes better than their handicaps. There was talk of a posse being formed. At last report, they were holed up inside the Member’s Grill where they vowed not to surrender until the wine ran out.

Low Net

  1. Bernie Katchen and Greg Luce – 63
  2. Joel Temple – 65

Low Gross

  1. Mike Nichols – 73
  2. Joel Temple – 74
  3. Dave Inman – 75

Bernie KatchenIn the team competition, Bob Martz, Jack McCoy, Marshall Block and Gainey Ranch G.C. Player-of-the-Year, Blind Draw fleeced the field with a 155 score, three strokes better than the second place team of John Cook, Bernie Katchen, John Goesling and Gregg Hayutin. They tied the team of Greg Luce, Andy Anderson, John Malletta and Bob Proebstle, but a strong performance on the 18th hole gave them second place.

Skins paid off handsomely, but I didn’t win one so I don’t much give a damn. Oh, alright . . . I suppose it’s noteworthy to mention that Mike Nichols claimed four of them and won $250 while Tom Long, David McKelvey, Chris Balakas and Don Fruchtman left the house with the table scraps. I don’t want to make a value judgment or sound envious on the amount of money Nichols carried out of the house, but he was greeted by two IRS agents when he got to his car. (I called them.) Other guys “the service” might want to look at can be found at the top of the Men’s Day Money List.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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