Men’s Day and Unhuman Wrights

Lakes 9Roski had a Knuff as a partner and helped Schembri and Silver bring home the gold in the Men’s Day event January 29th. Jeff Roski and Tom Knuff both had net eagles on the final hole to cinch the scorecard playoff victory. Along with Jerry Silver and Jim Schembri, they split $240 in prize money. Ted Akiba, Alex Currie, Don Donovan and Ed Nafus laid claim to second place while Gene Kloeckner, Russ Maring, Gary Mattox and Jim Skarlis took third.

Larry Wright introduced himself to the membership by taking low gross and low net honors. A rather stunning introduction to say the least.

Low Gross

  1. Larry Wright – 73
  2. John Herold and Travis Nelson – 75

Low Net

  1. Larry Wright – 62
  2. Travis Nelson – 63
  3. Jim Gabriel – 64

Some of the boys made enough money on skins to retire. But now that I think of it, most of them already are retired. Jack McCoy broke from the house with $164 dollars in skins money. Ted Akiba ran with $102. Sandy Wiener skinned the field for another $113. John Tewksbury claimed one of the skins with a net double-eagle on the last hole. The balance of the skins went to Don Donovan, Mike Nichols and Dave Inman.

The average score on the day was a little lower than it has been in recent weeks, but that is probably explained by the divine intervention that usually comes with four-man teams and the consequent lack of “competitive supervision”. There were forty-four birdies on the day and one eagle. Mike Nichols poured another on #5 Arroyo. Piece of cake – all you need is a 300 yard drive and a five iron. Tap in the putt and move on. No big deal.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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