All Hail Encinas and Hoeg

2014 Member-Member (290 of 310)
2014 Member/Member Champions – Harold Hoeg and Raoul Encinas

Raoul Encinas and Harold Hoeg captured the 2014 Member/Member crown with a gritty performance in the season’s richest tournament. Many teams would have thrown in the towel after a particularly rough start in Saturday’s final round, but these guys dug deep and pulled it together and earned a one stroke victory. You can see pictures of the champions and a hundred other competitors by clicking here. Click on the individual pictures to enlarge them.

Anthony Arvidson and Tom Hansen shared second place honors with Don Coolidge and Joel Temple. The full leaderboard is shown below.

The weather was great. The course was in excellent condition. Play was slow. The food was great and the atmosphere was festive. With the exception of a few little glitches, the tournament was a great success.

Some people had expressed concern that the number of teams would be down from last year due to the implementation of USGA recommended rules on handicap allowances that made the competition more equitable. It appears the reverse was true. The number of teams competing rose 31% over last year. The amount of money bid in the team auction was up by nearly 70%. By every measure imaginable, the event was a grand slam homerun.

One other interesting statistic offers further proof that a more level playing impacted the play. A comparison of last year’s scores with this year’s totals stands out like a beacon of hope. In this year’s event, the difference between the winning team and the team finishing dead last was twenty-eight strokes. Last year, the difference between first and last place was forty-four strokes – 57% higher than this year. The MGA board needs to be commended for taking the sometimes difficult steps necessary to bring greater equity and fairness to the field of play. A fine course, great food, good friends and a fair field – what more can we want?

Viva Encinas and Hoeg!

2014 Member-Member (310 of 310)

Author: h. Alton Jones


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