Men’s Day Goes Big

Greg Luce gets hot, but not bothered.
Greg Luce gets hot, but not bothered.

It was the biggest field of the year for Men’s Day. Ninety-four golfers combined to create forty-seven teams on a day where the weather made us the envy of the world. Mark Weidner and Garry Hall captured the top spot. Barry Talley and that perennial favorite, Blind Draw, finished a stroke back. Dick Reed and Phil Graham were two back. Rickie Currens and Duke Nguyen fell three off the lead for fourth place.

Skins paid handsomely for Nguyen, Talley, Tom Hansen and Robert Martz. Each earned $137.50 with gross/net combos. Garry Warner grabbed $75 with a gross skin on the seventh hole of the Arroyo course. Jim Mantle and Gary Graham took home a net skin for $67.50 each.

It appears I inadvertently put a curse on the golfers in the Kildare Group when I mentioned a couple weeks back that they held the top fifteen spots on the Men’s Day prize money list for the year. It seems that’s about the last time any of them have finished in the money. Duke Nguyen has played in only two Men’s Day events this year, but has escaped with just shy of $400.

Former club champion Greg Luce nearly returned to form with a net 62 to beat the field by three strokes. Garry Warner’s name once again appeared at the top of the low gross list.

Low Net

  1. Greg Luce – 62
  2. Sandy Wiener, Gary Graham, Gerry Hall and Duke Nguyen – 65

Low Gross

  1. Garry Warner – 75
  2. Mark Weidner – 76
  3. Robert Martz – 77

Martz finished strong with an eagle on #18 (Lakes). The average gross score was a smidgeon over ninety while the average net score was 73.1, about a stroke higher than would normally be expected on the Arroyo/Lakes course. There were fifty-one birdies, three quarters of them coming on the Lakes side.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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