Buy the Numbers – They’re Cheap – Men’s Day #18

Temple of doomWhat the numbers tell us that is settled . . . Gary Graham and Gerry Hall romped to victory. Second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth remain in question. There were four gross skins, one each to Matt Anzalone, Gerry Hall, Gary Graham and Scott Thomas. They were worth $65 each. There were six net skins valued at $43 each. Buddy Stein carried the day winning two. The others went to Laurence Rosen, Jerry Bloch, Gerry Hall and John Deery. The updated Money List will be here as soon as the scorecard review is completed. Check back later if it’s not yet available.

Low Gross

  1. Joel Temple – 77
  2. Garry Warner – 78
  3. Andy Anderson and John Herold – 79

(Note that Matt Anzalone shot 74 and Jim Murphy shot 78, but if we paid them, they’d lose their pro status).

Low Net

  1. Darryl Johnson – 65
  2. Gary Graham, Jerry Whalen, Jim Schembri and Buddy Stein – 67

Once again we had the pleasure of playing a well-manicured course under perfect Arizona weather conditions. With 72 players in the field, for the first time in a long time, there were no natural eagles and only 54 birdies. Surprisingly, only two of the holes on the course refused to grant a birdie, #4 Lakes played tough, but #3 Arroyo is normally a generous hole in the birdie department. Must have been a tough pin. Speaking of tough pin placements, #8 Lakes brutalized the field. The par three hole averaged 4.15 strokes per attempt. Given the nearly inaccessible pin, it was stunning to discover it gave up two birdies on the day. Andy Melton and Steve Danovic cheated each other out of a gross skin on a hole that most would have bet a birdie would have won a skin.

Matt Anzalone carded five birdies on the day (#4, #5, #8, #14 and #18). He should consider turning pro! Gary Graham had three birdies as did Andy Melton and Steve Danovic. Danovic’s three birdies helped offset three sevens and an eight and kept him in the top forty-five finishers in the gross division. Not to be outdone, Dale Holm filled up his card with seven sevens. Seventh son of a seventh son? He would have had an eighth seven, but he didn’t make the putt. Howard Jones missed finishing in the money for a third consecutive week by finishing bogey – double bogey – bogey on the final three holes. It’s tough to hold your putter with both hands around your neck.

Men’s Day #17

Champion Bryan NoonanSix gross and three net skins were all that were paid after eighty-two golfers battled it out in superb weather on a marvelously conditioned golf course. Bryan Noonan took low gross honors, but no skins. Dale Fitzhenry grabbed low net honors, but no skins. Joel Temple garnered a pair of gross skins while Ron Dobkin laid claim to a gross and a net skin to run to the bank with $151 in hand. Mike Matz, Bob Falls and Mike Hickey took home gross skins. Ted Akiba and Jim Stewart snatched net skins. Needless to say, they all moved up the Money List for the season.

Low Gross

  1. Bryan Noonan – 71
  2. John Herold and Joel Temple – 75

Low Net

  1. Dale Fitzhenry – 60
  2. Jerry Silver – 62
  3. Howard Jones – 64

No need to discuss the team game; I’m sure no one’s interested. That’s especially because two of the players on the winning team have now finished in first place for two consecutive Men’s Days. OK, a little info if you insist. The second place team was composed of Dean Campbell, Jon Murdock, John Conderman and Ira Komitee. They finished one stroke out of first. The third and fourth place teams were one stroke behind them. Ted Akiba, Dale Fitzhenry, Don Donovan and that old stalwart, Blind Draw used a scorecard playoff to edge Tom Hansen, Dennis Kildare, Jim Stewart and Bruce Partridge and claim third place. Oh, did I forget to mention the first place team? Dave Inman, Brian Laks and ahhhh, (repeat winner) Werner Deubzer and ah, ahhh, oh yea, now I remember . . . me (again). Hey, knock it off. That’s three finishes in the money in sixteen tries – hardly a significant number.

Gary Graham eagled #18 and Joel Temple eagled the par 4 #12 (#3 Lakes). There were 64 gross birdies contributing to an average gross score of 88.2, a notch lower than normal.

2014 Member/Guest – A Great Ending to a Great Tournament

The Duke Explodes
The Duke Explodes

The 2014 Gainey Ranch Golf Club Desert Shootout is in the book.  The Member-Guest was a raging success with a course that was in nothing short of spectacular condition and with weather that only an Arizonan can take for granted. Over a hundred competitors dueled for two days (not counting practice rounds) and when the dust had settled and the smoke had cleared, long time member Jerry Whalen and his guest, Dave Stewart reigned supreme. This was Jerry’s first trip to the top of the metal platform in the annual event.

Jerry Whalen - 2014 Member/Guest Champion
Jerry Whalen – 2014 Member/Guest Champion

The format was interesting and challenging. It brought out the best and the worst from the players. The most interesting part of the challenge (and the part that truly separated the men from the boys) was the nine holes of alternate shot golf. It wasn’t a contest for those who could make the great shots. Anyone can make a great shot. It was a contest for those who didn’t make the lousy shots. A slight mistake could and did cost teams three and four strokes on a single hole. But (as of this writing) no one died and most team members are still speaking with each other even if with a hint of acrimony and contempt.

One of the highlights of the tournament came when Head Golf Professional, Matt Anzalone, slipped an exploding ball onto the tee box just before Duke Nguyen took his swing in the “Sink or Swim” chipping competition. As you can tell by the expression on Duke’s face, he wasn’t expecting the blast. Unlike golfers such as Anthony Arvidson, Duke was caught completely off-guard by the explosion. (Arvidson has grown accustomed to the phenomena – about a third of his drives explode upon impact or disintegrate in mid-flight.)

Judging from the smiles on all the faces of those watching the tournament photo presentation on the big-screen after the awards dinner, everyone was thrilled with the event. (More photos here.) With the possible exception of a couple of non-golf related issues, the tournament was as close to perfect as could possibly be imagined. Kudos to all of those who made it happen.

The Men’s Day that Wasn’t

Caruso 2011Club staff didn’t put on the normal Men’s Day event this week. Can you imagine that? Taking a day off when all they’ve had to do with their time was organize and conduct two major tournaments on top of run the usual series of mini-events and deal with the year’s biggest influx of golfers during the peak of the “magic season” when Major League Baseball comes to Scottsdale and the weather is two notches above perfect. Slackers!

Some of the boys threw together a last minute mini-Men’s Day and included a few of the guests that are in town for the Member/Guest Tournament that begins its festivities Thursday the 6th. Cris Caruso shook free of his rusty joints (he hasn’t golfed in a month) and turned in a round of 34-39 to take low gross honors with a 73. Just think how well he’d do if he doubled his dedication to the game and played twice per month.

Low Gross

  1. Cris Caruso – 73
  2. Jim Bertoni (guest of Howard Jones) – 80
  3. Dave Inman – 85

Low Net

  1. Cris Caruso – 64
  2. Jim Mantle and Brian Laks – 67

Thanks to Caruso’s fine round, his team with Bertoni, Tom Hansen and Howard Jones abused the competitors winning the team event by eleven strokes. Mike Wentrup, Dan Hourihan, Ron Dobkin and Brian Laks finished second just edging out Laurence Rosen, Ken Vlah, Jim Mantle and Brian Laks. Skins were worth $25 each and went to Caruso (2), Jim Bertoni, Ken Vlah, Tom Hansen, Brian Laks and Howard Garr.

The course is in absolutely great condition. Good luck to all of those participating in the Member/Guest (especially to Jim Bertoni and his partner).

Verner Vins Men’s Day

Lakes 8 (3 of 4)I’m hoping “better late than never” covers the situation, but between tournaments, weather, procrastination, political brouhahas and global warming, the report for last Wednesday’s Men’s Day is clearly a smidgeon late. There was one other contributing factor – I was on the winning team and I’ve been trying to figure out how to avoid the recriminations of “manipulation” that fall upon the members of the winning team every week. I think I’ve got it handled – it was all Werner’s fault. I’d run a picture of him, but he has entered the “golfer protection system” and must remain anonymous.

Werner Deubzer, a new old member, played exceptionally well and carried his teammates of Scott Hull, Howard Garr and yours truly to a one stroke victory over Jim Stamatis, Bruce Partridge, Jim Woods and Pat Collins. Jim Skarlis, John Deery, Jim Maxwell and Chris Balakas finished third three strokes behind the leaders. Deubzer’s net 66 along with a net 67 from Garr and a net 69 from Hull overcame the impact of my tepid performance (net 72).

Although good enough to win the team event, Deubzer, Garr and Hull’s net rounds weren’t even in the same league as those turned in by Jim Maxwell (60), Jack McCoy (61) and Don Roblee (63). It had to have been hell for these guys to be putting with nylon stockings over their heads. Scottsdale police are investigating. Jim Meikle carded a net 70 with a natural eagle on #5 Arroyo. At the other end of the list, Gerry Hall posted a fine net score of 86 narrowly edging out Warren Hanssen’s 85.

The updated Men’s Day money list is our answer to the F.B.I.’s “10 Most Wanted” list. The only difference is that these guys don’t have their pictures hanging in the post office. However, you don’t have to look hard to find them on this web site.

Low Gross

  1. Bob Proebstle – 74
  2. Rich McGee, Andy Melton and Garry Warner – 76

Low Net

  1. Jim Maxwell – 60
  2. Jack McCoy – 61
  3. Don Roblee – 63

The course continues to shine with its lush fairways and fine greens. 83 golfers turned in scores that statistically lined up precisely as would be expected according to the laws of mathematics. The average net score was three strokes over the course rating and right in line with that predicted by the USGA models. Although Jim Meikle claimed the day’s only natural eagle, there were 399 net birdies, 56 net eagles and 3 net double-eagles. That explains why skins went to Andy Melton, Jim Meikle, Gary Graham, Tom Long, Tom Hansen, Jack McCoy, Steve Bartha and Jim Knight. With all the money being paid out, someone had to be a net contributor. I was glad to do my job.