Verner Vins Men’s Day

Lakes 8 (3 of 4)I’m hoping “better late than never” covers the situation, but between tournaments, weather, procrastination, political brouhahas and global warming, the report for last Wednesday’s Men’s Day is clearly a smidgeon late. There was one other contributing factor – I was on the winning team and I’ve been trying to figure out how to avoid the recriminations of “manipulation” that fall upon the members of the winning team every week. I think I’ve got it handled – it was all Werner’s fault. I’d run a picture of him, but he has entered the “golfer protection system” and must remain anonymous.

Werner Deubzer, a new old member, played exceptionally well and carried his teammates of Scott Hull, Howard Garr and yours truly to a one stroke victory over Jim Stamatis, Bruce Partridge, Jim Woods and Pat Collins. Jim Skarlis, John Deery, Jim Maxwell and Chris Balakas finished third three strokes behind the leaders. Deubzer’s net 66 along with a net 67 from Garr and a net 69 from Hull overcame the impact of my tepid performance (net 72).

Although good enough to win the team event, Deubzer, Garr and Hull’s net rounds weren’t even in the same league as those turned in by Jim Maxwell (60), Jack McCoy (61) and Don Roblee (63). It had to have been hell for these guys to be putting with nylon stockings over their heads. Scottsdale police are investigating. Jim Meikle carded a net 70 with a natural eagle on #5 Arroyo. At the other end of the list, Gerry Hall posted a fine net score of 86 narrowly edging out Warren Hanssen’s 85.

The updated Men’s Day money list is our answer to the F.B.I.’s “10 Most Wanted” list. The only difference is that these guys don’t have their pictures hanging in the post office. However, you don’t have to look hard to find them on this web site.

Low Gross

  1. Bob Proebstle – 74
  2. Rich McGee, Andy Melton and Garry Warner – 76

Low Net

  1. Jim Maxwell – 60
  2. Jack McCoy – 61
  3. Don Roblee – 63

The course continues to shine with its lush fairways and fine greens. 83 golfers turned in scores that statistically lined up precisely as would be expected according to the laws of mathematics. The average net score was three strokes over the course rating and right in line with that predicted by the USGA models. Although Jim Meikle claimed the day’s only natural eagle, there were 399 net birdies, 56 net eagles and 3 net double-eagles. That explains why skins went to Andy Melton, Jim Meikle, Gary Graham, Tom Long, Tom Hansen, Jack McCoy, Steve Bartha and Jim Knight. With all the money being paid out, someone had to be a net contributor. I was glad to do my job.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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