The Men’s Day that Wasn’t

Caruso 2011Club staff didn’t put on the normal Men’s Day event this week. Can you imagine that? Taking a day off when all they’ve had to do with their time was organize and conduct two major tournaments on top of run the usual series of mini-events and deal with the year’s biggest influx of golfers during the peak of the “magic season” when Major League Baseball comes to Scottsdale and the weather is two notches above perfect. Slackers!

Some of the boys threw together a last minute mini-Men’s Day and included a few of the guests that are in town for the Member/Guest Tournament that begins its festivities Thursday the 6th. Cris Caruso shook free of his rusty joints (he hasn’t golfed in a month) and turned in a round of 34-39 to take low gross honors with a 73. Just think how well he’d do if he doubled his dedication to the game and played twice per month.

Low Gross

  1. Cris Caruso – 73
  2. Jim Bertoni (guest of Howard Jones) – 80
  3. Dave Inman – 85

Low Net

  1. Cris Caruso – 64
  2. Jim Mantle and Brian Laks – 67

Thanks to Caruso’s fine round, his team with Bertoni, Tom Hansen and Howard Jones abused the competitors winning the team event by eleven strokes. Mike Wentrup, Dan Hourihan, Ron Dobkin and Brian Laks finished second just edging out Laurence Rosen, Ken Vlah, Jim Mantle and Brian Laks. Skins were worth $25 each and went to Caruso (2), Jim Bertoni, Ken Vlah, Tom Hansen, Brian Laks and Howard Garr.

The course is in absolutely great condition. Good luck to all of those participating in the Member/Guest (especially to Jim Bertoni and his partner).

Author: h. Alton Jones


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