Men’s Day #17

Champion Bryan NoonanSix gross and three net skins were all that were paid after eighty-two golfers battled it out in superb weather on a marvelously conditioned golf course. Bryan Noonan took low gross honors, but no skins. Dale Fitzhenry grabbed low net honors, but no skins. Joel Temple garnered a pair of gross skins while Ron Dobkin laid claim to a gross and a net skin to run to the bank with $151 in hand. Mike Matz, Bob Falls and Mike Hickey took home gross skins. Ted Akiba and Jim Stewart snatched net skins. Needless to say, they all moved up the Money List for the season.

Low Gross

  1. Bryan Noonan – 71
  2. John Herold and Joel Temple – 75

Low Net

  1. Dale Fitzhenry – 60
  2. Jerry Silver – 62
  3. Howard Jones – 64

No need to discuss the team game; I’m sure no one’s interested. That’s especially because two of the players on the winning team have now finished in first place for two consecutive Men’s Days. OK, a little info if you insist. The second place team was composed of Dean Campbell, Jon Murdock, John Conderman and Ira Komitee. They finished one stroke out of first. The third and fourth place teams were one stroke behind them. Ted Akiba, Dale Fitzhenry, Don Donovan and that old stalwart, Blind Draw used a scorecard playoff to edge Tom Hansen, Dennis Kildare, Jim Stewart and Bruce Partridge and claim third place. Oh, did I forget to mention the first place team? Dave Inman, Brian Laks and ahhhh, (repeat winner) Werner Deubzer and ah, ahhh, oh yea, now I remember . . . me (again). Hey, knock it off. That’s three finishes in the money in sixteen tries – hardly a significant number.

Gary Graham eagled #18 and Joel Temple eagled the par 4 #12 (#3 Lakes). There were 64 gross birdies contributing to an average gross score of 88.2, a notch lower than normal.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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