Buy the Numbers – They’re Cheap – Men’s Day #18

Temple of doomWhat the numbers tell us that is settled . . . Gary Graham and Gerry Hall romped to victory. Second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth remain in question. There were four gross skins, one each to Matt Anzalone, Gerry Hall, Gary Graham and Scott Thomas. They were worth $65 each. There were six net skins valued at $43 each. Buddy Stein carried the day winning two. The others went to Laurence Rosen, Jerry Bloch, Gerry Hall and John Deery. The updated Money List will be here as soon as the scorecard review is completed. Check back later if it’s not yet available.

Low Gross

  1. Joel Temple – 77
  2. Garry Warner – 78
  3. Andy Anderson and John Herold – 79

(Note that Matt Anzalone shot 74 and Jim Murphy shot 78, but if we paid them, they’d lose their pro status).

Low Net

  1. Darryl Johnson – 65
  2. Gary Graham, Jerry Whalen, Jim Schembri and Buddy Stein – 67

Once again we had the pleasure of playing a well-manicured course under perfect Arizona weather conditions. With 72 players in the field, for the first time in a long time, there were no natural eagles and only 54 birdies. Surprisingly, only two of the holes on the course refused to grant a birdie, #4 Lakes played tough, but #3 Arroyo is normally a generous hole in the birdie department. Must have been a tough pin. Speaking of tough pin placements, #8 Lakes brutalized the field. The par three hole averaged 4.15 strokes per attempt. Given the nearly inaccessible pin, it was stunning to discover it gave up two birdies on the day. Andy Melton and Steve Danovic cheated each other out of a gross skin on a hole that most would have bet a birdie would have won a skin.

Matt Anzalone carded five birdies on the day (#4, #5, #8, #14 and #18). He should consider turning pro! Gary Graham had three birdies as did Andy Melton and Steve Danovic. Danovic’s three birdies helped offset three sevens and an eight and kept him in the top forty-five finishers in the gross division. Not to be outdone, Dale Holm filled up his card with seven sevens. Seventh son of a seventh son? He would have had an eighth seven, but he didn’t make the putt. Howard Jones missed finishing in the money for a third consecutive week by finishing bogey – double bogey – bogey on the final three holes. It’s tough to hold your putter with both hands around your neck.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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