Ignition. We have lift-off.

Ramser-MillerThe 2014 Inferno Cup is underway. The inaugural event was a rousing success. When the ship had left the launch pad, Mark Ramser and Mike Miller were at the helm finishing first and racking up 286.5 Cup points when the day was done. They tied the team of Gary Reibman and Marshall Block, but put a lock on first place with a scorecard playoff. Both Ramser and Reibman birdied the last hole, but Miller’s par edged out Block for the victory.

With Reibman and Block leaving town for the summer, their second place finish in the race for the Cup was assumed by the following team. Bruce Partridge and Dale Fitzhenry moved into second after defeating George Stelmach and Tom Hansen in another scorecard playoff. Mike Nichols and Loren Molever snatched fourth from Howard Jones and Ken Vlah in another scorecard playoff. It was a very tight and competitive field. Complete standings and Inferno Cup point totals can be seen by clicking on the menu at the top of the screen.

Low Net

  1. Mike Nichols – 67
  2. Mike Forde, Dan Hourihan, Marshall Block and Gary Reibman – 69

Low Gross

  1. Mike Nichols – 74
  2. Mike Miller – 77
  3. Gary Reibman – 81

Clearly another day when the name “Mike” gave golfer’s some magical powers. Although the course is in its summer transition condition, it remains in fairly good shape. If there are bad spirits living on the course, they live on #9 Arroyo. #7 on the Lakes course gave up its customary role as toughest on the track. It was replaced by #9 Arroyo, a hole that brought the field to its knees. With twenty golfers in the field, #9 gave up not a single birdie. The average score on the hole closer to double-bogey than it was bogey. Twenty percent of the field scored triple bogey or worse. There were three nines on the hole. There were enough balls hit into the water to raise the level of the lake an inch-and-a-half.

There were ten skins paid out. Ron Dobkin and Marshall Block won two each. The other skins were shared between Mike Miller, Mike Nichols, Pat Collins (gross eagle #9 Lakes), Howard Jones, Loren Molever and Don Fruchtman.

It’s not too late to join in the race for the Inferno Cup. There are 52 Cup events left. The next Inferno Cup play is Friday May 30th. Sign up by emailing


Author: h. Alton Jones


2 thoughts on “Ignition. We have lift-off.”

  1. From an editor in a former life, I find your blogs well written, funny and informative, What more could one ask for? I will read them over the summer while in San Diego! Best to the “Gainey Boys of Summer”! M


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