How Do You Like Your Golf? Well Done.

Cup20140606 (1 of 3)
Scott Hull – en route to bogey

They say that on a hot day you can fry an egg on the sidewalk, but the word for Friday was “scramble”. Three man teams competed in a good old fashioned scramble format. Scott Hull, Tom Hansen and Gary Reibman brought home the bacon by shooting a gross 66 to beat the field by two strokes. Second place went to Nate Sanders, Bailey Ogrin and Dan Hourihan. Marshall Block, Ron Dobkin and George Stelmach took third edging out Raoul Encinas, Harold Hoeg and Mike Forde with a scorecard playoff.

Full results for the day can be seen here. Seven “team skins” were split between three of the teams.

Hull and Hansen shot to the top of the Inferno Cup Standings with Bailey Ogrin hot on their heels.

Tom Hansen - that shot stinks
Tom Hansen – that shot stinks

It was interesting to note that when playing the scramble format, the holes that troubled the field were not the same ones that usually take their pound of flesh in the individual games. With the Dunes/Arroyo course serving as the griddle for the day, the hole that played the toughest was #4 Dunes. Even though the teams had three cracks at every shot, the hole still averaged a half shot over bogey. #6 Dunes was the most savory hole on the course averaging 0.8 strokes below par. Play was quick with the round averaging slightly over three hours.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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