Howe – It’s Done

Dale Fitzhenry
Dale Fitzhenry

For the first time, Marty Howe’s “Green Group” was home to the 2014 Inferno Cup. Of the twenty-four golfers, fifteen were Inferno Cup competitors. The winning team was Dale Fitzhenry. He also had a partner for the two-man best ball play, but it didn’t make any difference who that partner was to be; Dale was going to carry him to victory. Fitzhenry took his 23 handicap and fired the best nine holes he has ever shot on the Arroyo course. He had a gross 41 (net 29) and dragged his lucky partner into victory lane. Fortunately for me, I was paired with Dale and claimed half of the first place prize and the 297.7 Inferno Cup points that went along with it.

Kris Rosser - 71
Kris Rosser – 71

The team of Bill Petsas and Frank Ellis took second place with a best ball of 60, three strokes back. Third place points went to Rick Hurula who drew Mike Hickey as his blind draw. Hurula struggled a little, but Hickey brought him home with a net 67. Ironically, the team of Mike Hickey and Tom Hansen finished in seventh place. It’s interesting to note that Hansen shot 88 while Hurula shot 87. Yet Hurula/Hickey held a five stroke edge on Hickey/Hansen. (Say that five times fast.) It was a classic example of “ham and egg” versus “egg and egg”. Here are the complete match results.

The hottest sticks on the course were in Kris Rosser’s bag. He turned in a fine round of one under 71 to take low gross honors.

Low Gross

  1. Kris Rosser – 71
  2. Bill Petsas – 78
  3. Mike Hickey and Mike Miller – 80

Low Net

  1. Dale Fitzhenry – 66
  2. Mike Hickey, Bill Petsas, Howard Jones and Kris Rosser – 67

Three new club members joined in the race for the Inferno Cup. When you see them at the club, say hello and give them a warm welcome into the group. They were great to play golf with and will make great additions to the group. We’ll see Heard Broadrick, Jim Wexler and Dick Harris a lot in the future.

Jim Wexler
James Wexler
Heard Broadrick
Dick Harris

It’s still not too late to join the race for the Cup. Your fourteen best rounds count and there are still nearly fifty opportunities to play. Visit

Author: h. Alton Jones


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