Correction – Retraction

Hansen (1 of 2)Those who view the site with a discerning eye have suggested a mistake has been made. Poppycock!

It seems Mr. Thomas Hansen has questioned the authenticity of the scoring results in which it was suggested that given the fact that his Hansen/Hickey team finished second in the Howe group standings, they couldn’t have finished seventh in the Inferno Cup standings. A review of the data has shown that Mr. Hansen was correct. The Hansen/Hickey team did in fact finish second.

As it happened, he had been given a zero handicap when the scores were tallied. My feeling is that he has always wanted to be a scratch golfer. He should bask in the glory of playing scratch. But nooooo . . . Mr. Hansen was more concerned about the trivialities associated with Inferno Cup standings. How petty.

I have updated all status files (match results, net score results, Inferno Cup points and Inferno Cup standings). I also note that Mr. Hansen has now moved into first place in the race for The Cup.

With all of this said, the Fitzhenry/Jones team remains in first place and when the sun sets, isn’t that all that is important? I hasten to add that Mike Nichols normally double-checks all of these results, but he is in Hawaii sipping Lava Flows and swimming with turtles. How narcissistic.

NicholsTurtleHere is a photo of Nichols’ swimming buddy in Hawaii. He sent it to me (no joke) this afternoon. He’s obviously not suffering. I thought he didn’t like slow play.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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