109° F, 43° C, 316° K – Warm Anyway You Cut It!

GabrielA lot of golf was played Friday and Saturday and some significant moves were made in the Inferno Cup standings. The fact of the matter is – it was warm. Summer in the desert is upon us. Now before you Canadians and Minnesotans and North Dakotans and Washingtonians and other escape artists start pointing and saying, “I told you so”, consider this. We were forced to swat no mosquitoes. Sweat was not dripping from our chins. We played 18 holes in roughly three hours. Our humidity is 16%. After a brief dip in the pool (or lake on #9 if you’re Bailey Ogrin), it is actually quite comfortable if not a wee bit chilly.

Meanwhile, back on the green, Friday’s competition saw Bill Petsas, Kris Rosser, Ken Vlah and Scott Hull finish at the top of the leaderboard. They beat Don Fruchtman, Jim Gabriel, Dan Hourihan and odds-on favorite, Blind Draw by one short missed putt. The rest of the teams finished well back apparently playing in a different event. Scott Hull strengthened his hold on first place in the Cup standings, but his lead is up for grabs as he’ll miss a couple of events. It’s unlikely he’ll return to his position at the top of the heap.

JasonJim Gabriel turned in an outstanding round of net 62. George Stelmach and Bill Petsas also performed very well. Petsas took home low gross honors with a 75.

Low Net

  1. Jim Gabriel – 62
  2. Bill Petsas – 65
  3. George Stelmach – 66

Low Gross

  1. Bill Petsas – 75
  2. Bailey Ogrin and Kris Rosser – 76

The Inferno Cup portion of Marty Howe’s Saturday Green event found competitors going head-to-head in individual play. Three golfers finished with net 68 and the battle was settled via scorecard playoff. Jason Sample topped the field after going back to the 17th hole on the playoff. Rick Hurula hung on to second place edging James Wexler on the 18th hole. Bailey Ogrin captured low gross honors.

Low Net

  1. Jason Sample, Rick Hurula and James Wexler – 68

Low Gross

  1. Bailey Ogrin – 75
  2. Jason Sample – 77
  3. Rick Hurula – 78

A total of 42 golfers have now accumulated points toward the Inferno Cup. Even though a few seem to have jumped off to a fast start, there’s plenty golf left to play. One thing is certain, the race has only just begun.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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