Some Good Golf and . . .

Matt Bintzler - 1st Place Net, 2nd Place Gross
Matt Bintzler – 1st Place Net, 2nd Place Gross

After a warm and (by Arizona standards) humid Saturday Inferno Cup match, some big moves were made in the Cup standings. Heard Broadrick moved up 13 spots into 21st position. Dennis Kildare jumped from 28th to 15th place. Jason Sample went from 10th to 6th while Loren Molever from 32nd to 25th place.

Today’s match was won by the team of Heard Broadrick and Dennis Kildare. Loren Molever and Jason Sample finished two strokes back. Mark Ramser and Jim Gabriel were third, three strokes off the lead.

Matt Bintzler took low net honors posting a 67. Club Champion, Bailey Ogrin claimed low gross with a 74.

Low Gross

  1. Bailey Ogrin – 74
  2. Matt Bintzler, Mike Miller, Jason Sample and Rick Hurula – 79

Low Net

  1. Matt Bintzler – 67
  2. Dennis Kildare – 68
  3. Rick Hurula – 69

There were no changes in the top five positions in the Inferno Cup standings, but the field is closing in.

The greens continue to test golfer’s patience and build character. Once the summer rains arrive, they’ll start filling in, but for now, they are riding a little rough. I witnessed others having difficulty, but suspect I took the prize for putting misery. On the par three sixth hole on the Arroyo course, my tee shot landed about a foot from the pin. After a little hop, it came to rest 26 inches from the hole. I did manage to salvage a bogey. Come on rain!

Author: h. Alton Jones


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