Scottsdale Weather – Hot and Cold

Mike Hickey
Mike Hickey

Wednesday’s Inferno Cup match was a tale of extremes. Eight teams fought it out in a best ball, modified Stableford match. Mike Hickey and new member James Wexler came out on top just edging Kris Rosser and Bruce Partridge. Another new member, José Leon captured third place. A single point separated each team. The winning total was 26 points while third place was 24. Mike Hickey shot up to fourth place in the Inferno Cup standings while Kris Rosser climbed into the top ten for the first time. The consistency award goes to the team of Scott Hull and Howard Jones. By the time they made the turn, they had already amassed nearly as many points as it took to win the event, but they finished in the style of a Las Vegas hotel demolition and actually dropped three points on the back nine. Strong finishers indeed.

James Wexler
James Wexler

Low Gross

  1. Mike Miller – 74
  2. Kris Rosser and Jason Sample -78

Low Net

  1. James Wexler – 65
  2. Dan Hourihan, Mike Miller and Bruce Partridge – 66

Kris Rosser dominated the skins game winning three while Wexler, Jones, Partridge, Hourihan and Hansen claimed one each.

The Dunes/Arroyo course played well with scores averaging 86.6. The final two holes proved to be the most troublesome playing at slightly higher than bogey. The sixth hole on the Dunes course was the friendliest with an average score of par plus a third of a stroke. Surprisingly, there was nothing worse than a bogey on the hole.

Inferno Cup – Images of the Action

Inferno Cup 20140606 (43 of 46)Although it’s early in the season, our resident paparazzi has been lurking in the bushes at Gainey Ranch. Some of the photos from last week’s action can be found by clicking here. You can enlarge any photo by clicking on it.

We’ll be getting more in the future. Try to look pretty and wear your finest golf garb. Try and use a golf swing that looks good of film.

Also a couple more tips to make you look more handsome in the photos (and some of you guys really need the help). If you spot the paparazzi somewhere, try to be aware of where you park your carts. Carts (and pictures of golfers riding in carts) generally make lousy photos. Try to park carts out of the line of the camera.

If you are an ugly person (like Howard Jones), try not to stand directly behind a pretty person (like Mike Forde) when he is swinging or otherwise in the line of sight of the photographer. Your face will ruin his pictures. Ugly people (you know who you are) should wear colorful clothes to distract the eyes of the observers.

Also consider hitting your ball onto the green such that your back is to the camera while you’re putting. Consider keeping your hands off your private parts and above all else, do not relieve yourself within range of the camera; we can get fairly clear pictures at distances of over a half mile. Those who ignore this advice will be receiving payment booklets – and don’t be late on your payments; the interest rates are beyond usurious.

For those of you who don’t care to have your picture taken, attempting to hide only exacerbates the problem. Photos of you will be rarer and call for higher premiums, especially if you are caught throwing a club, hissing or spitting.

Correction – Retraction

Hansen (1 of 2)Those who view the site with a discerning eye have suggested a mistake has been made. Poppycock!

It seems Mr. Thomas Hansen has questioned the authenticity of the scoring results in which it was suggested that given the fact that his Hansen/Hickey team finished second in the Howe group standings, they couldn’t have finished seventh in the Inferno Cup standings. A review of the data has shown that Mr. Hansen was correct. The Hansen/Hickey team did in fact finish second.

As it happened, he had been given a zero handicap when the scores were tallied. My feeling is that he has always wanted to be a scratch golfer. He should bask in the glory of playing scratch. But nooooo . . . Mr. Hansen was more concerned about the trivialities associated with Inferno Cup standings. How petty.

I have updated all status files (match results, net score results, Inferno Cup points and Inferno Cup standings). I also note that Mr. Hansen has now moved into first place in the race for The Cup.

With all of this said, the Fitzhenry/Jones team remains in first place and when the sun sets, isn’t that all that is important? I hasten to add that Mike Nichols normally double-checks all of these results, but he is in Hawaii sipping Lava Flows and swimming with turtles. How narcissistic.

NicholsTurtleHere is a photo of Nichols’ swimming buddy in Hawaii. He sent it to me (no joke) this afternoon. He’s obviously not suffering. I thought he didn’t like slow play.

Howe – It’s Done

Dale Fitzhenry
Dale Fitzhenry

For the first time, Marty Howe’s “Green Group” was home to the 2014 Inferno Cup. Of the twenty-four golfers, fifteen were Inferno Cup competitors. The winning team was Dale Fitzhenry. He also had a partner for the two-man best ball play, but it didn’t make any difference who that partner was to be; Dale was going to carry him to victory. Fitzhenry took his 23 handicap and fired the best nine holes he has ever shot on the Arroyo course. He had a gross 41 (net 29) and dragged his lucky partner into victory lane. Fortunately for me, I was paired with Dale and claimed half of the first place prize and the 297.7 Inferno Cup points that went along with it.

Kris Rosser - 71
Kris Rosser – 71

The team of Bill Petsas and Frank Ellis took second place with a best ball of 60, three strokes back. Third place points went to Rick Hurula who drew Mike Hickey as his blind draw. Hurula struggled a little, but Hickey brought him home with a net 67. Ironically, the team of Mike Hickey and Tom Hansen finished in seventh place. It’s interesting to note that Hansen shot 88 while Hurula shot 87. Yet Hurula/Hickey held a five stroke edge on Hickey/Hansen. (Say that five times fast.) It was a classic example of “ham and egg” versus “egg and egg”. Here are the complete match results.

The hottest sticks on the course were in Kris Rosser’s bag. He turned in a fine round of one under 71 to take low gross honors.

Low Gross

  1. Kris Rosser – 71
  2. Bill Petsas – 78
  3. Mike Hickey and Mike Miller – 80

Low Net

  1. Dale Fitzhenry – 66
  2. Mike Hickey, Bill Petsas, Howard Jones and Kris Rosser – 67

Three new club members joined in the race for the Inferno Cup. When you see them at the club, say hello and give them a warm welcome into the group. They were great to play golf with and will make great additions to the group. We’ll see Heard Broadrick, Jim Wexler and Dick Harris a lot in the future.

Jim Wexler
James Wexler
Heard Broadrick
Dick Harris

It’s still not too late to join the race for the Cup. Your fourteen best rounds count and there are still nearly fifty opportunities to play. Visit

How Do You Like Your Golf? Well Done.

Cup20140606 (1 of 3)
Scott Hull – en route to bogey

They say that on a hot day you can fry an egg on the sidewalk, but the word for Friday was “scramble”. Three man teams competed in a good old fashioned scramble format. Scott Hull, Tom Hansen and Gary Reibman brought home the bacon by shooting a gross 66 to beat the field by two strokes. Second place went to Nate Sanders, Bailey Ogrin and Dan Hourihan. Marshall Block, Ron Dobkin and George Stelmach took third edging out Raoul Encinas, Harold Hoeg and Mike Forde with a scorecard playoff.

Full results for the day can be seen here. Seven “team skins” were split between three of the teams.

Hull and Hansen shot to the top of the Inferno Cup Standings with Bailey Ogrin hot on their heels.

Tom Hansen - that shot stinks
Tom Hansen – that shot stinks

It was interesting to note that when playing the scramble format, the holes that troubled the field were not the same ones that usually take their pound of flesh in the individual games. With the Dunes/Arroyo course serving as the griddle for the day, the hole that played the toughest was #4 Dunes. Even though the teams had three cracks at every shot, the hole still averaged a half shot over bogey. #6 Dunes was the most savory hole on the course averaging 0.8 strokes below par. Play was quick with the round averaging slightly over three hours.

Oh Grin! He Cards a Career Round.

OgrinWe’ve all looked into the depths of the ponds at Gainey Ranch after a new ball has been swallowed by their black and blue waters. We’ve wondered what would happen if we were to slip into the water. Would we emerge alive? Would we grow reptilian scales and stare incessantly at the moon? Would we grow additional limbs? An eye on the back of the head?

Less than a week ago, club champion Bailey “Nessy” Ogrin tested the hypothesis and took the plunge into the lake near the waterfall. He couldn’t bear the thought of losing his Scotty Cameron putter which had jumped into the lake by mistake. The result of the experiment was that you shoot the best round of your life. Nessy fired a 69 from the gold tees on the Arroyo/Lakes course. He had a ho-hum 38 on the front side, but absolutely torched the back side with birdies on five out of six of the stretch of the toughest holes on the course. He failed to birdie the finishing hole and had to settle for a paltry 31 on the back.

It appears immersion in the lake may be the wonder cure for a weak golf game, but may have other effects as well. The picture above was taken before Bailey took the plunge. The picture below is how he looks now. Word on the street is that despite the folic effects, the club is anticipating such demand for baptismal swimming in the lake, they’re looking for someone to serve as a lifeguard.Ogrin and wife

Low Gross

  1. Bailey Ogrin – 69
  2. Bryan Noonan – 73
  3. Jason Sample – 79

Low Net

  1. Bailey Ogrin – 64
  2. Marshall Block – 65
  3. Dan Hourihan – 67

Skins were a dime-a-dozen with eleven skins paid. Bryan Noonan took four of them, Ogrin two, Howard Jones two and one each for Sandy Wiener, Pat Collins and Dan Hourihan.

In the team game, Ogrin and Tom Hansen ran away from the field with a 72 (two balls counted on all three pars). Marshall Block and Howard Jones edged Jason Sample and Scott Hull in a scorecard playoff for second place. Block’s hot round carried Jones up in the Inferno Cup standings, but Ogrin and Hansen shot well up the list. Some suspect Block has been swimming in the lake after the sun has fallen behind the mountains. How else can you explain his 39 on the back side yesterday?