The Good Old Red, White and Blue (and green)

Inferno Cup 20140704 (38 of 59)
Mark Ramser takes 1st place

Mark Ramser provided most of the fireworks for our Inferno Cup match on the Fourth of July. Mark claimed first place with a net 66 on the Arroyo/Lakes course combination. Skyler Irvine was right on his heels at 67. Scott Hull used his net 69 to strengthen his grip on first place in the Inferno Cup standings.

Nearly every golfer dressed for the event. Even the staff joined in the celebration with patriotic dress and hair. There were a lot of good pictures taken and can be found here. It was a warm and (by Arizona standards) humid day. The only thing we lacked to make it a true Midwestern 4th Inferno Cup 20140704 (27 of 59)of July was the sound of people swatting mosquitoes on their arms and necks.

Low Net

  1. Mark Ramser – 66
  2. Skyler Irvine – 67
  3. Scott Hull – 69

Low Gross

  1. Anthony Arvidson – 74
  2. Mark Ramser – 79
  3. Harold Hoeg and Bailey Ogrin – 80

The greens continued to frustrate golfers, but there was a little rain the prior evening. It shouldn’t be long before the greens fill in and start rolling in the manner in which we’re accustomed.

Inferno Cup 20140704 (53 of 59)We now have forty-four golfers that have earned points toward the Inferno Cup. There’s still time to join the race for the Cup. There are more than three dozen rounds remaining to play and your top fourteen will count. Lots of time to jump in. Send an email to

Author: h. Alton Jones


2 thoughts on “The Good Old Red, White and Blue (and green)”

    1. They are now!

      Wexler, James (Hole: 5 Score: 4 ) Gross
      Hansen, Tom (Hole: 11 Score: 3 ) Gross
      Ogrin, Bailey (Hole: 12 Score: 3 ) Gross
      Ramser, Mark (Hole: 17 Score: 2 ) Gross
      Irvine, Skyler (Hole: 8 Score: 2 ) Net
      Hull, Scott (Hole: 13 Score: 2 ) Net
      Ogrin, Bailey (Hole: 14 Score: 3 ) Net
      Irvine, Skyler (Hole: 15 Score: 2 ) Net


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