Bailey’s Blitzkrieg

Bailey closeupWelcome to the Bailey Ogrin Show starring Club Champion Bailey Ogrin. When the sun rose Friday morning, Ogrin was lurking back in seventh place in the Inferno Cup standings. By sundown, he was in fourth place. By midday Saturday, he had moved into third place less than 100 points behind Howard Jones in second place.

Bailey’s assault began when he won Friday’s competition with his partner, Mike Nichols. They edged out the teams of Anthony Arvidson and Tom Hanson and Ron Dobkin and Ken Vlah by one stroke. Ogrin and Nichols each garnered 297.1 points toward the Inferno Cup. But he wasn’t even close to done.

Saturday, Bailey teamed up with Dale Fitzhenry to beat the field again. This time, his team beat the field by three strokes. Tom Swan and Mike Hickey finished second after winning a scorecard playoff with third place finishers Dennis Kildare and Loren Molever. Ogrin and Fitzhenry picked up another 262.5 points. In his two rounds, Bailey bagged nine birdies and 559.6 Cup points in less than twenty-four hours. Not a bad day’s work.

Friday – Low Gross

  1. Anthony Arvidson – 70
  2. Bailey Ogrin – 72
  3. Tom Swan – 74

Friday – Low Net

  1. Ben Crown (Bailey’s Dad!) – 64
  2. Bailey Ogrin and Tom Swan – 66

Saturday – Low Gross

  1. Bailey Ogrin – 71
  2. Rick Hurula – 81
  3. Dennis Kildare – 82

Saturday – Low Net

  1. Dennis Kildare – 64
  2. Scott Hull – 66
  3. Bailey Ogrin – 67

Golfer notes:

Scott Hull continues to lead the pack in the hunt for the Cup, but he’s definitely hearing footsteps. He’s leaving town for a week and hoping Bailey does too. Mark Ramser sat in fourth place at sunrise Friday. He’s now in fifth, but his prospects have dimmed after having a confrontation with his bicycle. He broke his foot and will be on the injured reserve list for a few weeks. George Stelmach had been in fourth place when he got into a car with his wife, Rosemary, a couple weeks ago to head out to North Dakota. Now he’s hanging on to sixth, but is about to return to continue his climb toward the top spot. Dale Fitzhenry rode a horse named Ogrin into the top ten. We’ll see if he can stay there. Bryan Noonan racked up another eagle Friday, this time on the par five #6 Dunes hole. The level of competition has increased so much this season that there’s talk Bruce Partridge may be afraid to return to Scottsdale. I saw him briefly Thursday and clearly there was fear in his eyes.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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