Mistakes (by others) Will Not Be Tolerated

Pointing the finger doesn't always work
Pointing the finger doesn’t always work

Oops. With my sincere apologies to those affected, I must confess I really screwed things up Friday when doing the match results. When at the club, I was supposed to have used 90% handicap allowances. It appears I had my head in the fog and I neglected to do so. When applying the correct allowances, it resulted in a one stroke change and the team that had been announced as winning by one stroke fell back into a first place tie and lost the scorecard playoff. As reported above, Ogrin and Nichols did win. However, they had not received the correct number of Inferno Cup points. The end result is that Ogrin’s massacre was actually even more complete. He didn’t take over fourth as previously reported. He captured third place. My apologies for the mix-up.

I would love to be able to blame someone else or somehow come up with a scape-goat. Unfortunately, I am lacking the creativity required to do so. I did see Bruce Partridge Thursday; it might be his fault. Mark Ramser broke his foot and I became distraught. It might be his fault. It might be my son-in-laws fault; he’s always pissing me off. I was bitten by a brown recluse spider many years ago. I could still have venom in my blood stream. And Jim Gabriel is always pointing out that back in my mountain climbing days, I did spend a lot of time well above 20,000 feet. Maybe that’s the problem.

I promise I will do penance by drinking only cheap wine for the next week.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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