Vincent Bugliosi, Helter Skelter and The Inferno Cup

After participating in the mob action called the Inferno Cup competition on July 16th, I’m confident Vincent Bugliosi will be arriving soon to begin work on his next book. Most of you know he was the author of Helter Skelter, the book about Charles Manson and his clan. And the Sea Will Tell is about a guy who lived in Arizona for a while and made Manson look like a door-to-door missionary. If Bugliosi’s books are about the bizarre and warped parts of society, you know he’ll be writing about Wednesday’s round. Let’s set the scene.

HelterSkelterMike Nichols picked the game. Mike is a direct descendant of the Marque de Sade. He wears leather golf shorts when not playing at Gainey Ranch and when he misses a putt has been known to self-flagellate with a sixteen foot leather whip. Fortunately, he rarely misses putts so not many of us have seen him do it. The game was . . . two man teams, scramble on the front nine with a minimum of three drives per player. The back nine was a best ball of the two man team. Anyone scoring worse than a par on the scramble side was compelled to mix pond water with hemlock and slug it down. Tough round!

There were some good shots and some bad shots (Helter Skelter). There were some good putts and some bad putts (Death Wish II). The crime scene investigators concluded that Jim Gabriel and Tom Swan won the event. Skyler Irvine and Jason Sample lurked in the shadows one stroke back. Dan Hourihan and Dennis Kildare were a stroke back of them. José Leon and Kriss Rosser arrived a stroke behind them. Howard Jones and Ken Vlah were (you guessed it) one stroke back. The confederacy of thieves had honed their trade so well, they out-hustled each other by only one stroke. The Inferno Cup points awarded resulted in a tightening of the standings and gave further fodder for Bugliosi’s next book.

Speaking of books . . ., well, we’ll talk soon enough.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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