July 18th – Nichols is Rock Steady

Nichols was on fire
Nichols was on fire

Don’t get near this. It’s too hot to touch. Mike Nichols lit it up from shooting an even par 72 from the championship tees on the Lakes/Dunes course. Imagine what it would have been had the greens arrived from their repackaging trip to weather city. Nichols carded a couple of bogeys but covered them up with birdies on the eleventh and fourteenth holes to top the field in both the net and gross categories. Bailey Ogrin continued his assault on the Inferno Cup by finishing one stroke back with a 73. Kris Rosser hung back in third with a 76. That was some fine golf in less than ideal conditions.

Low Gross

  1. Mike Nichols – 72
  2. Bailey Ogrin – 73
  3. Kris Rosser – 76

Low Net

  1. Mike Nichols – 62
  2. Bailey Ogrin – 66
  3. James Wexler – 67

For those of you experiencing a WTF moment wondering how Nichols and Ogrin ended up with ten and seven handicaps respectively, allow me to explain. Most participants played from the green tees, hence the greens were the “base case” tees. When Nichols and a few others elected to play from the back tees, their handicaps had to be “slope adjusted” and then increased by the difference in course ratings between the green and gold tees. Nichols went from a seven to a ten. Had he been playing the gold as the “base tees”, he would have had a seven handicap and his net would have been 65. Ogrin would have been a four and had a 69 net. But when different players compete from different tees in the same competition, handicaps are calculated in a different manner.

Partridge grinsNichols jumped from tenth place all the way into fifth place in the Inferno Cup picture with his first place finish. Ogrin took over second place. Perhaps one of the most noteworthy facts is that another Cup event has passed without Bruce Partridge winning a skin. Rumor has it that Partridge has totally forgotten how to play golf during his time in Newport Beach, California. But it doesn’t matter. Those of us that knew him before he disappeared knew that he didn’t know how to golf in the first place. But we still expect him to win a skin or two in his absence.

Author: h. Alton Jones


One thought on “July 18th – Nichols is Rock Steady”

  1. Mr. Jones,

    Played 5-6 different courses and none are nice to me. Yesterday I played the mountain course at Cordillera and the blue tees, 6000 yards. Not long but the shots up the mountain didn’t go far and the ones downhill were tricky. Greens a slick 11 that rolled like a fat man’s belly. One thing that was scary, every time we approached the grass cutters they turned off the motors. Almost spooky after getting use to the roar at Gainey. Miss all the guys and hope the $100 I left is going to be well spent by the winners.



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