The King is Dead – Long Live the King – Saturday Green

Gary Graham-2
Gary Graham lights it up!

Until today, Scott Hull hasn’t been out of first place in the Inferno Cup standings for nearly a month. However, after shooting a one-under par 71, Bailey Ogrin completed his climb to the top of the leaderboard. He knocked Hull out of first when he and his teammate, Howard Jones, took top honors in Saturday’s Inferno Cup competition. With both balls counting on the three pars and a best net ball counting on all other holes, Ogrin and Jones beat the team of Rick Hurula and Gary Graham by two strokes. Ogrin’s 71 paired well with Jones’ 79. Gary Graham turned in a super round of an even par 72 while Hurula shot a solid 80. For the second consecutive Saturday, Dale Fitzhenry rode a horse named Ogrin as his blind draw and finished in third place.

Graham’s even par round was a roughly two-thousand-to-one odds performance. He birdied #8, #9 and #18 to offset three bogeys. He ran away with low net honors. With only three appearances in Inferno Cup events so far, it looks like Graham is poised to make his move.

Low Grossvans-logo

  1. Bailey Ogrin – 71
  2. Gary Graham – 72
  3. Bill Petsas and Mike Miller – 77

Low Net

  1. Gary Graham – 61
  2. Howard Jones – 65
  3. Bailey Ogrin – 67

With so many hot sticks on the Lakes/Dunes course, the average gross score was under 85 for the first time in a while. As might be expected, #7 Lakes played the toughest. It was the only hole on the course with an average of over bogey . . . and at 5.4 strokes, it was well over bogey. With the recent rains, there are signs the course is beginning its resurgence. The greens were ever so slightly friendlier, but still not overly hospitable.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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