Hey! It Happens. (Again)

Jones - Always Fashion Conscious
Jones – Always Fashion Conscious

Howard Jones raised some eyebrows by shooting a 75 Friday on the Lakes/Dunes course – a nearly 600-to-1 odds round with his 12.8 handicap index. He came back the next morning to shoot a 76 on the tougher Arroyo/Lakes course – the odds for which are 770-to-1. When asked how he could explain such outstanding back-to-back performances, Jones cited using Rory McIlroy’s “process” swing thought, a recovering knee and a lack of supervision. He grabbed first place in the day’s Inferno Cup match barely edging James Wexler by six strokes and Kris Rosser by seven. Jones is somewhat distraught in the realization that with his recent performances, his handicap will be falling by about two strokes and he won’t have a ghost’s chance in hell of winning anything for a couple of months.

Low Net

  1. Howard Jones – 62
  2. James Wexler – 66
  3. Mike Nichols – 68

Low Gross

  1. Kris Rosser – 72
  2. Mike Nichols – 75
  3. Howard Jones – 76

With the victory, Jones knocked Bailey Ogrin out of first place in the standings. Rosser passed George Stelmach into sixth place and Wexler clawed his way into eighth place jumping five spots in the standings. The average score turned in by Inferno Cup competitors was 84.7 with #7 Lakes reclaiming its title as toughest hole in the field.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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