Hey! It Happens.

Ron Dobkin and Howard Jones paired up Friday to annihilate the field so completely that even the descendants of General George Custer pleaded for mercy. Two man teams counted both balls in a Modified Stableford format under sunny skies. After nine holes, Jones mentioned to Dobkin that the sixteen points they have already accumulated usually provided an adequate margin for victory given the match format. They were looking pretty strong even if they earned no points on the back nine. Unfortunately for the field, they piled up sixteen more points. Had the second place team (Gary Graham and Ken Vlah) been allowed to take all the points from the third place team (Don Fruchtman and Kris Rosser) and add them to its score, Jones and Dobkin still would have won the match.

Howard Jones and Ron Dobkin - No Mercy
Howard Jones and Ron Dobkin – No Mercy

They accomplished their feat by having Dobkin shoot a net 70 while Jones recorded (and posted) a net 61 (gross 75). It was his best round since demolishing his knee nearly two years ago.

Low Net

  1. Howard Jones – 61
  2. Kris Rosser and Gary Graham – 68

Low Gross

  1. Kris Rosser – 72
  2. Howard Jones – 75
  3. Gary Graham – 80

The victory gave Jones enough Inferno Cup points to jump Scott Hull and move into second place in the run for the Cup. Bailey Ogrin still holds a slim lead while he does battle with Pebble Beach, but he’d better hurry home if he wants to keep it.

Course conditions continue to improve. With continued moisture, we should be getting back to our “expected” condition, i.e. good fairways and clean greens. Average score for the round on the Lakes/Dunes course – 86.9. The title of toughest hole for the round fell on #4 Lakes. The par 3 hole played at 1.14 strokes over bogey. Believe it or not, less than a quarter of the field had par or better on the hole.

Author: h. Alton Jones


3 thoughts on “Hey! It Happens.”

  1. Señor Wiener: I’m not sure the cost of the palatial estate in Vail in which you are currently in hiding, however, I can assure you that given the way I am currently playing, it is much cheaper for you to stay and pay for Vail. Your greatest fear should be that I grab my clubs and drive north. I hasten to add that the 75-76 rounds in under 24 hours included SIX three-putts. When the greens return to normal and if I remain abnormal, Rory will regret giving me his sound advice.


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