Meet Kris Rosser . . .

Kris RosserThirty-seven year old Kris Rosser is another one of the young guns at Gainey Ranch. He sports a Handicap Index just north of 3.0, but wants to improve his game. He’s a true competitor so for those who would question his ability to get even better, I suggest keeping your wallet at home when you do.

Kris and his wife Cindy have been married four years this month. They came to Arizona two days after they were married. Kris was transferred to Phoenix by his employer Con-way Freight where he is an Account Executive.

Kris is a native of Michigan (a “Michigander”) and grew up in the Tawas City area. For those of you not familiar with how we Michiganders show you where a town is, I’m pointing to my left hand down near the first knuckle on my index finger. If you still don’t know where Tawas City is, ask Kris and he’ll point to his left hand and the base of his index finger. The Rosser family has lived in central Michigan for many generations. Some are still expert in the use of snow shovels; others live in Arizona.

Kris has a degree in Business Administration from Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant. Sadly, Kris is a fan of the Michigan Wolverines, the second best college football team in the state. There’s still time for him to reform and “see the light” and we certainly have enough Michigan State Spartans at the club to enlighten him. He’s a fan of the Detroit Tigers (will this be the year?) and the Detroit Lions (this won’t be the year).

Kris loves the game of golf. Like so many of us, he finds it the challenge that can’t be mastered – a test of physical skill, mental discipline and one’s ability to persist. Welcome Kris to the club when you see him around. He’s an affable, friendly and warm hearted guy. He is one of the new faces that make Gainey a great place to play the game.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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