On Hoeg, Hawks, Partridge and Other Birds of Prey

The HawkI’m not saying some of the guys were looking a little peaked as they finished up eighteen holes of golf in 112° temperatures. I’m sure it was just coincidence that large, meat eating raptors starting hanging around the greens. The one shown here was perched about ten feet over my head as I prepared to miss a two foot par putt on #17 (#8 Lakes). The bird seemed more disappointed than was I when I mustered enough energy to walk off the green under my own power. Temperatures and golf scores both soared as the afternoon ebbed on.

Speaking of hawks, eagles and vultures, Harold Hoeg and (in his first match in six weeks) Bruce Partridge survived the heat to claim victory. They finished in first place a full six strokes in front of their closest competitors. Jason Sample and Jim Gabriel hung on to finish second, one stroke ahead of Ron Dobkin and Patrick Sheehan.

Harold Hoeg was medalist on the day with a gross 73. Between the heat and having to drag Partridge, it was a herculean effort on Hoeg’s part. His gross score was better than his partner’s net score, but they shared first place Inferno Cup points nonetheless. Surprisingly, it was Partridge’s only first place finish of the season. I hope he bought Harold a drink afterward.

HoegLow Gross

  1. Harold Hoeg – 73
  2. Kris Rosser – 77
  3. Bill Petsas and Patrick Sheehan – 82

Low Net

  1. Harold Hoeg – 68
  2. Jim Gabriel – 70
  3. Patrick Sheehan – 71

There was only one change in the Inferno Cup top ten. Jim Gabriel moved up from twelfth to ninth place. Now that we’re midway through the season, some players have already played the minimum fourteen rounds. This means that there is a minimum number of points those players must earn in a match in order to make any difference to their totals. It should start bunching up at the top as the season wears on. Here are some of the competitors that have their fourteen minimum in the books and the number of points they must earn in a match to improve their point totals. Bailey Ogrin (24), Dan Hourihan (11), George Stelmach (39.8), Howard Jones (56.2), Jim Gabriel (2.5), Kris Rosser (5.3), Scott Hull (54.9) and Tom Hansen (31.2). All other competitors will still be racking up points whenever they tee off in a Cup event.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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