Another Day – Another Win

Hull and JonesHull and Jones began the day on top and stayed there. Scott Hull was sitting comfortably in first place in the Inferno Cup standings and seemed pleased to discover the guy in second place, Howard Jones, wouldn’t be gaining any ground on him. They had been paired together in Wednesday’s match. As luck would have it, they won by beating Dale Fitzhenry and his partner, blind draw Kris Rosser by two strokes. Rosser played well carding an even par round of 72. He played so well that he beat himself. He and Jim Gabriel were soundly in second place until Fitzhenry drew Rosser for a partner. The end result was that Rosser beat Rosser for the loss. His win/loss moved him from eighth into sixth place in the Cup standings. It was the only change in the top ten.

Low Net

  1. Howard Jones – 66
  2. Mike Nichols, Kris Rosser and Scott Hull – 67

Low Gross

  1. Kris Rossser and Bryan Noonan – 72
  2. Mike Nichols – 77

Scores were all over the map ranging from a couple of even par 72s to a not so smooth sailing 108. Bryan Noonan eagled #6 Dunes. Surprisingly, there were only nine birdies on the day – about half the normal number. Once again we point to the greens as the explanation. Until we get more rain, even a two footer can be an adventure not unlike Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. Most golfers aren’t accustomed to dealing with triple-breakers from fourteen inches. It was most entertaining to see two guys with essentially identical putts. One would break right, the other left.

“G” Wiz!

Jon Gruenhagen 2013 Fall Classic
Jonny “G” Gruenhagan – on top of the field

What do the following golfers have in common: Scott Hull, Tom Hanson, Howard Jones, George Stelmach, Dan Hourihan, Kris Rosser, Mark Ramser, Bailey Ogrin, Jason Sample, James Wexler, Jim Gabriel, Mike Nichols, Dale Fitzhenry, Bill Petsas, Dennis Kildare, Ken Vlah, Mike Hickey, Mike Forde, Mike Miller, Bryan Noonan, Heard Broadrick and Raoul Encinas?

Each one of them has finished in first place in a 2014 Inferno Cup event at least once. We can now add one more name to the list – Jon Gruenhagen.

Jon racked up 361.1 Cup points as he ran away from the field in Marty’s Saturday Green group on July 5th. Jon shot a net 64 to beat Marty Howe by a couple of strokes. Mike Miller, Bailey Ogrin and Matt Bintzler shot 67, 68 and 69 respectively to take 3rd, 4th and 5th respectively. Jonny “G” was five strokes below his handicap. He still has some work to do before he cracks the top ten list, but it’s a good start, especially when you consider he has only played in two events.

Club Champion Bailey Ogrin captured low gross honors with a 72. This even though his putts weren’t falling and he caught a bad break on #9 Arroyo and ended up with a double-bogey on the hole. Bailey moved up two spots into sixth place in the Cup standings. Marty Howe moved up eight spots. Gruenhagen’s win helped him leap-frog fourteen players on the list.

Low Net

  1. Jon Gruenhagen – 64
  2. Marty Howe – 66
  3. Mike Miller – 67

Low Gross

  1. Bailey Ogrin – 72
  2. Mike Miller – 74
  3. Mike Nichols – 79

We had a little more rain and the greens are awakening. I have feelings of ambivalence. If the greens start rolling true, then what excuse can I have for missing 16 inch putts? The average gross score for Cup players was 85.9. There was a net double-eagle on the four par #8 Arroyo course. Jon Gruenhagen carded a net hole-in-one. Drinks anyone?

The Good Old Red, White and Blue (and green)

Inferno Cup 20140704 (38 of 59)
Mark Ramser takes 1st place

Mark Ramser provided most of the fireworks for our Inferno Cup match on the Fourth of July. Mark claimed first place with a net 66 on the Arroyo/Lakes course combination. Skyler Irvine was right on his heels at 67. Scott Hull used his net 69 to strengthen his grip on first place in the Inferno Cup standings.

Nearly every golfer dressed for the event. Even the staff joined in the celebration with patriotic dress and hair. There were a lot of good pictures taken and can be found here. It was a warm and (by Arizona standards) humid day. The only thing we lacked to make it a true Midwestern 4th Inferno Cup 20140704 (27 of 59)of July was the sound of people swatting mosquitoes on their arms and necks.

Low Net

  1. Mark Ramser – 66
  2. Skyler Irvine – 67
  3. Scott Hull – 69

Low Gross

  1. Anthony Arvidson – 74
  2. Mark Ramser – 79
  3. Harold Hoeg and Bailey Ogrin – 80

The greens continued to frustrate golfers, but there was a little rain the prior evening. It shouldn’t be long before the greens fill in and start rolling in the manner in which we’re accustomed.

Inferno Cup 20140704 (53 of 59)We now have forty-four golfers that have earned points toward the Inferno Cup. There’s still time to join the race for the Cup. There are more than three dozen rounds remaining to play and your top fourteen will count. Lots of time to jump in. Send an email to

Hull Claws His Way Back

Inferno20140702 (67 of 73)
Mike Nichols in route to a 73

Scott Hull and Mike Nichols have been out of town recently. Together with Dan Hourihan, they enjoyed a triumphant return to Gainey with a victory in the Inferno Cup match for Wednesday, July 2nd. The victory moved Hull back into first place in the race for the Cup. He has amassed more than fifteen hundred points, but has only played in eight of the thirteen events.

Inferno20140702 (38 of 73)
Scott Hull – back on top

The victory moved Nichols into thirteenth place with only four events played. Nichols also claimed low gross honors and low net honors to pretty much dominate the day.

Low Gross

  1. Mike Nichols – 73
  2. Harold Hoeg and Bailey Ogrin – 75

Low New

  1. Mike Nichols – 66
  2. Dan Hourihan – 67
  3. Scott Hull – 68

The greens are improving, but they’ve got a way to go. It appears the summer rains are on the horizon. Fingers crossed and rain gear in the bag.

More pictures of Wednesday’s action can be found here or by clicking on the “Tournament Pictures” link on the right side bar. Incidentally, you can enlarge any image on this site or the images site by clicking on the image.