The Cup Runneth Over

Skyler Irvine – Net 61

Nearly two dozen competitors locked horns Friday and Skyler Irvine proved to be the standout. Skyler came into the round with a twenty-one handicap, but when the next handicap revision comes along, that number will only be a memory. With a net 61, his handicap is headed down. It was an outstanding thousand-to-one odds round for Skyler. Congratulations.

Kris Rosser captured low gross with another even par 72. He offset four bogeys with four birdies.

In the team game, Dan Hourihan, Dennis Kildare and Bruce Partridge finished on top beating Scott Hull, Ken Vlah and Skyler Irvine by two strokes. Tom Swan, George Stelmach and Jim Gabriel finished five strokes back. The victory was Partridge’s second consecutive first place finish, but again he had a bit part in a performance where Dennis Kildare was the lead actor with a net 67.

The Victors
The Victors

Scott Hull’s second place finish gave him enough Inferno Cup points to move him past Bailey Ogrin and back into second place in the Cup Standings.

Low Gross

  1. Kris Rosser – 72
  2. Tom Swan – 74
  3. Bailey Ogrin – 76

Low Net

  1. Skyler Irvine – 61
  2. Tom Swan – 65
  3. Ken Vlah – 66

As we played, we could see the storm clouds to the northeast. Fortunately, the rain held off until after the competition. Clouds brought cooler weather and slightly lower scores.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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